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  • I can definitely recommend WE for next day delivery. I ordered a set of graduated ND filters at 1pm on Friday. 9 am Saturday morning, they were on my doormat when I woke up Grin Not too shabby really.
  • A guide to Photographer's Rights in the UK is available here
  • Thanks for the info.
  • Has anyone else tried to visit the EPS shop? All I get is a message saying Bad Request (Invalid Hostname) in FF and a webpage not found in MS IE 7.

  • Just found this article on how to take a 3/4 shot through Google.

  • Photoshop Lightroom is an alternative choice to Elements. Costs more, but you get a product that is designed specifically for cataloguing, sorting and processing RAW (and will also work on jpg's and tiffs). A Mac-only alternative is Apple's Aperture. There is of course the software that came with your camera. Picasa might also work with your D80 RAW files.

  • There's a four page article in the March 2008 issue of Digital Camera magazine by Tim Wallace.

  • The problem is not with firefox but with the Adblock extension. Sounds like to me you have added to the list of blocked items. To resolve this, open up the Adblock preferences by selecting Tools --> Adblock Plus. Find the the directory above and right click on it. Select Delete and then click apply. Refresh the page and you should have all your images back.

    I've found the best way to use Adblock on EPZ is to block all the adverts you don't want to see individually by right-clicking on an advert and selecting Adblock Image, then ok.

    Hope that helps.

  • Second vote for autostitch.

  • Johnny Cash - Ring of Fire
  • I've used Autostitch to make some panos. Works very well. You can download it for free , and it's the same algorithm they use in AutoPano Pro.

  • You will need the camera raw plugin . Can't recall offhand which folder you need to put it in for Elements, should be something similar to C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS2\Plug-Ins\File Formats

  • Well, I use Dreamweaver, so I guess that bit gets put in the page code somewhere else. Fortogt to copy that bit.
  • Hope posting this works:

    an example of how to open a window of set size.

    {a href="LinkedtoPage.html"
    onclick="MM_openBrWindow('LinkedtoPage.html','WindowNameInHere','toolbar=yes,location=yes,status=yes,menubar=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=820,height=660')"}Link Text Here{/a}

    just replace { with < and } with >
  • Just sent you a PM with the html.

  • This site has had over 90 alternative logos posted, all of which have been rated by users -- Ironically, the most popular is the original bid logo.

    I think this is my favourite description of the official logo so far:

    Quote:It looks like Picasso vomited on the 1980s.
  • Need to get rid of that workday stress? Try this:

    Spank the Monkey.

    just click and drag. Can you beat 343 mph?
  • Another vote for The Black Bull, Coniston
  • Jalbum can be used to automate the process of making web galleries. I also found this Extreme thumbnail generator . has a reasonable listing of web site editors and related design software, though some it might be a bit out of date by now. Google's Picasa can also generate web galleries for you.

    Personally, I use the web gallery option under automate in Photoshop with a custom template I designed myself, linking the galleries together in Dreamweaver.

  • Everyone has their own system, so it's not surprising you're getting lost. If you're happy with what you have, stick with it. By using PSE5's tagging you are probably stuck with Adobe, but is that such a bad thing? Not if you shoot only jpgs (or RAW+jpg), then you can write all your PSE5 tags to the jpgs and they will be readable by other similar programs such as Adobe Bridge, iView, Extensis Portfolio etc.

  • Quote:When you have thousands of files, how useful are these organiser programs really?

    Personally, I think they are essential. It would take a very long time for me to trawl through my folders looking a specific photo. I tried a couple different programs before settling on PSE 3 as my cataloger, primarily because of the quick and easy way to tag photos with keywords. It does have its disadvantages, like not being able to write the keywords back to the native RAW or even to Adobe DNG., but otherwise I am very satisfied with the software.

    As for my folder structure, I used keep my photos in subject based folders (Travel, People, places, wildife etc), but it isn't easy to back up that kind of system to CD or DVD, unless you have lots of empty space on your discs. I now follow a similar system to ColWal, using 4GB "buckets" (a term learned from Peter Krogh's The DAM Book ). Very easy for backing up to DVD and to external harddrive.
  • To get the images from my memory cards to my PC's hard drive, I use windows explorer to copy the files across to a temp directory. I reformat the card, deleting the images, only after I have checked the integrity of the images. You could alternatively use special software, such as ImageIngester to do this (and much more).

  • Try this. Your camera should also have come with some software to edit the raw files with.

  • This page should give you plenty of information. You might also find this previous thread of use too.

  • If your son's laptop is overheating, then I suggest he buys a notebook cooler. I have been using a Vantec Lapcool2 laptop cooler with my Dell D505 laptop for a couple of years and it works really well at keeping it cool. Can hardly hear the fans at all. Oh, and despite the fact that it comes with a power adapter, it runs off the supplied USB cable with out any problem. Well worth the investment

  • Did you use Windows Explorer to copy the files from your card to your computer? If not, try it. You should be able to select and drag the files from the card folder to a folder on your PC just like you were moving files around on your PC. When you're done copying the files, they will still be on your memory card. Put the card back in the camera and reformat it. There should be an option somewhere in your camera's menu for this.


  • Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition 3.0 is also free and is essentially a trimmed down version of elements. It doesn't have stacks or track versions, nor can it read raw files. The tags and catalogues features are there however.

  • This is my (still being tweaked) workflow, based partly on reading The DAM Book by Peter Krogh .

    1. Copy files from memory cards manually to TO_BE_SORTED folder and rename AJS_YYYYMMDD_XXXX.ext (where XXXX is a four digit sequence number).
    2. Using Adobe Bridge, apply basic bulk metadata (copyright, location).
    3. Convert MRW files to DNG. Burn .MRW files to CD/DVD and delete from HD.
    4. Move files into ORIGINALS/CAMORG_001_DateOfLastImage/JOB_NAME and backup to external HD. Reformat memory cards in camera.
    5. Add keywords and ratings in PSE then synchronize back to files (for jpgs only). Backup files and catalogue to external HD.
    6. Develop derivative files in PSE or PS/ACR, save in DERIVATIVES/DERIV_001/JOB_NAME and catalogue.
    7. Backup Derivatives and catalogue to external HD.
    8. Backup originals and derivatives to DVD as buckets fill.

    I use Elements (V3) for cataloguing my images because it can track and group versions of my files, the tags feature makes assigning keywords easy and fun and searching the images takes just a click of the mouse on a tag.