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stevenj 19 2.0k England
17 Oct 2003 7:46AM
I love that moody sky, it really sets the scene off. Fantastic work!
sut68 19 2.0k 77 England
17 Oct 2003 7:48AM
Great shot Stewart and lovely reflections too. Mind you I am biased - this being my favourite place in the world. Am aiming to get up there again and try some out for myself again, now I've gone digital.

Well done - Paul.
Paddy 20 254 8 England
17 Oct 2003 7:59AM
brilliant ... congrats .. P
wendy9 Plus
19 475 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2003 8:29AM
Wonderful, spooky...Transylvania?!
17 Oct 2003 8:30AM
all of the above. I just wish I had taken it Smile

17 Oct 2003 10:04AM
Superb! nuff said
rugbylass 19 403
17 Oct 2003 11:00AM
Absolutely lovely- the reflections in the water are great. Well done, and congratulations on the Editor's Award!
snappypix 20 21
17 Oct 2003 12:05PM
Stunning! Congratulations on the award.
digicammad 19 22.0k 40 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2003 12:18PM
I'm not surprised you got the award, this is a stunner. If it was mine I'd be in the process of getting an A2 copy of it for my wall!

17 Oct 2003 12:18PM
Wonderful!!! Absolutely deserved Editor's Award. Congratulations!
watters66 19 75 Scotland
17 Oct 2003 12:33PM
Thanks everyone for your comments. I didn't expect Editors Award--thanks Pete--I'm really chuffed.I'll be back to work with a grin this afternoon!
Paul, get yourself up there (and anyone else who can make it!) as it is a photographers paradise if you get the weather.
Also my fav place!
Thanks again to everyone for taking the time to comment.
Mari 19 1.8k United Kingdom
17 Oct 2003 1:40PM
Wow - beautiful! Well done.
shorty 19 7 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2003 1:51PM
Fantastic! Congratulations on the award. Mike
james adams 19 20
17 Oct 2003 2:04PM
This is a very photographed place, a cliche nowadays. However your photograph is the best one I've ever seen, excellent in every regard. It rises way above any others and is quite unique. There must be more than a few photographers who are quite envious (me included). Deserves to be picture of the week.
17 Oct 2003 3:12PM
Nothing but, WOW!
davefolky 19 5 United Kingdom
17 Oct 2003 3:32PM
Excellent shot more than deserves the award.
Pete 21 18.8k 97 England
17 Oct 2003 4:43PM
I agree with James, it's a highly photographed scene, so well done for producing a unique version. One slight improvement would be to clip off a strip from the sky to reduce the amount of light area which is a tad too bright, or if you prefer to leave it there use your image editing program to darken the top strip.
watters66 19 75 Scotland
17 Oct 2003 7:31PM
Hi Pete, I have done what you've suggested (reduce the sky at the top).It's beyond my limited capabilities to get my head round the software program I use ( Photoimpact) as how to darken the strip! I don't know if it is worth uploading again ?
Generally using pc software I only crop or brighten etc if required.
There was one picture I sharpened a little & got it wrong ( a Skye Bridge pic I uploaded once).I seen the error of my ways and deleted it.
So if any of my pics seem out of focus it's my eyesight!
Thanks again to everyone who have taken the time to view and comment, all much appreciated.
amaryllis 19 120
17 Oct 2003 9:01PM

Outstanding treatment of a subject which has unfortunately become a West Coast photographic cliche....very well done.

Interestingly I didn't realise it was Eilean Donan at first... that's probably why it attracted me.

Congrats on the award. Well deserved..!!
flossie 19 1.6k
17 Oct 2003 10:49PM
Absolutely stunning - what a fantastic picture. This had to get the award - well done!
Carabosse Plus
19 43.1k 270 England
18 Oct 2003 1:13PM
Wow... I have never seen this much photographed castle like this. Very well done for capturing something so familiar in a completely different light.
dcdigital 21 20
18 Oct 2003 3:23PM
Beautiful and inspirational too.
binzy 19
18 Oct 2003 9:08PM
Nice picture but just to put a downer on it... i think this could have a decent crop around it. What is the main interest of the picture?? the Castle, the refection or the sky. I agree with Pete crop the top brightness and some of the bottom maybe.
teepee 20 1.8k England
19 Oct 2003 11:36AM
good image, should have used at least a 1 stop ND grad on the sky though.Also would like to see a tad cropped off the bottom...But thats being picky.......congrats........tony
flyking3 21 1 Wales
20 Oct 2003 9:36AM
Fantastic shot, well deserved award, love the reflections in the water.
CanonMan 21 588 4 England
20 Oct 2003 1:33PM
Stunning photo. Well deserved award.
watters66 19 75 Scotland
20 Oct 2003 6:00PM
Thanks again to everyone who's taken the time & trouble to comment.
I was very fortunate to be in the right place at the right time.
jane benge 19 99 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2003 3:19PM
Wonderful shot! Well done
dansi 19 43 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2003 5:25PM
Ian-Jones 19 134 2 United Kingdom
21 Oct 2003 7:54PM
Very good. It definitely deserved the award.
Skinz 19 94
21 Oct 2003 8:17PM
This is stunning - thats all I can think of to say that wouldn't repeat the words of the others.

I drove past this place on Thursday last week and thought it would be a good place to photograph - I would never of thought of this though.

Simply stunning.

22 Oct 2003 1:17PM
Love the candle light effect with reflections. Well done.
trahern 19 863 United Kingdom
22 Oct 2003 1:42PM
I love this image - would have been better if only it had been mine.

photoworks 20 326 United Kingdom
22 Oct 2003 2:35PM
naren 19
23 Oct 2003 7:39AM
A wonderful exposure where the different elements differing in light intensities have been captured subtly and neatly
peter74 21 7 Scotland
23 Oct 2003 5:23PM
Great shot caught the atmosphere of the scene well taken just at the right time to capture the last remaining light in the sky and reflections in the loch
23 Oct 2003 5:24PM
Don't listen to al this cropping nonesense, pictures shouls have as little done to them as possible. The image is great beacuase it has so much in it, to crop it would take this away from it. The sky and the reflections are some of the things that make it so good I alos like the way the land mass on the right leads the eye to the castle. Phil
Leo 21 48 9 England
24 Oct 2003 6:33AM
What I find interesting is, how you almost got it right first time in the camera and we who use Photoshop, tinker around incessantly to enhance our stuff, still failing to come up with a match for this brilliant shotSmile
grazza 19 12 United Kingdom
25 Oct 2003 9:13PM
MauriceH 21 7
26 Oct 2003 10:16AM
why go for 99% great when you could push it too 100%? Just a little re-arrangement so the castle is less central and darken down, just a bit, the very top of the picture to hold the image in. I only make these suggestions 'cos I AM JEALOUS!
corin45 19
28 Oct 2003 9:20PM
Wonderful photo Stewart.......Steve
achilles2k 19 25 United Kingdom
16 Nov 2003 6:00PM
Great shot - gotta agree with MauriceH - first thing I would do is clip the sky midway between the top of the castle and the top of the frame.
My wife is always saying how beautiful Scotland is - now this photo has inspired me somewhat. . . thanks ;o)
roxpix 19 2.2k 11 Scotland
2 Dec 2003 11:21PM
Cracking shot Stewart, I was there a couple of weeks ago and it did'nt look much like this. Lots of wind and rain and very low water. Thats twice this year I've been and its rained. This gives me the inspiration to keep going back.

Well Done

watters66 19 75 Scotland
3 Dec 2003 7:00AM
Hi Alan, thanks for your comments.Sorry to hear the weather hasn't been great when you've been visiting.It rains a lot there!
Hope you do return and weather favourable for's certainly rewarding!
Thanks again,
4 Dec 2003 9:59PM
My Mum had a picture of this castle on her wall when I was 10 (now 50+) and I have visited this smashing place ever since. Your incredible picture, Peter, reminds us ordinary mortals how ordinary our pictures can be and gives us all something to aim for. However you did have the great advantage of an incredible landscape and stunning lighting conditions. Congratulations
watters66 19 75 Scotland
4 Dec 2003 10:23PM
Hi peter, thanks for viewing and comments,I just got really lucky that evening (I shouldn't have been there but managed to wangle out of a chore!)
I guess that's why we all love ( especially landscape in my case)photography...mother nature creates the most marvelous opportunities for us.
SteveSharp 19 34 United Kingdom
5 Dec 2003 8:41PM
Dont know how I missed this one, what a belter, congratulations!
Lesley Jane 19 305
6 Dec 2003 10:35PM
This is one brilliant photo! Well Done.
johnc1711 19 9 Scotland
16 Dec 2003 6:50PM
Hi Stewart,

One of the better shots of EDC! Well done. I agree with all comments on cropping the top, it makes a great shot even better. Makes me want to get back up there too Smile
kingseany 19 84
28 Dec 2003 5:00PM
Lovely pic, congrats on the award.
3 Jan 2004 7:40PM
Congratulations on the EC award Stewart, superb photo.

Franticsmurf 20 838 Wales
4 Jan 2004 12:57PM
Well deserving of the EC award.
watters66 19 75 Scotland
4 Jan 2004 1:56PM
Thanks to Steve,lesley,John,Sean,Mary & Dave for your comments.Appreciate you all for taking the trouble to view.
Many thanks
David 21 32 Scotland
13 Jan 2004 9:25PM
What makes this pic for me and better than the many others I've seen is the reflection in the loch. This is a brilliant capture.
Maybe a crop of the top and some from the right of the frame to move the castle into the thirds??


afyfe 19 270
2 Feb 2004 1:56AM
gonna have to pay that castle a visit, its remarkable . great shot
stevenr 19 9
15 Feb 2004 10:31PM
Indeed, this castle is over-photographed- but this one really stands out from the rest- the puffy clouds and reflections are marvellous, as is the overall colour balance of the yellow artifical light against the pale blue. Well done for being there and exposing at the perfect time!
ruzzi 19
15 Feb 2004 11:01PM
Fantastic picture!!!
Timecatcher 19 120 Canada
20 Feb 2004 1:50AM
Just saw this one for the first time, Fantastic shot one I would be proud of. And my click makes it 70 BRAVO!!!
watters66 19 75 Scotland
20 Feb 2004 7:57PM
My thanks to David,Steven, Andrew,Stefani & Pat.
Thanks for taking the time to view & comment.

Pat--thank you for making it 70...I can't believe how many people have clicked on this one. I was really fortunate that everything "fell into place" and all I had to do was press the shutter!

I followed Ian's advice and a larger version is on my hall wall (self indulgence on my part!)

jeanie Plus
19 6.0k 6 United Kingdom
25 Feb 2004 9:12PM
cannot add to all of the above - its all been said!!!!!
magda_indigo 19 418 England
27 Feb 2004 6:06PM
wow... (*:*)
28 Feb 2004 10:42PM
yes magda,I agree this "wow" will do Smile works for me too Smile
It's simply breathtaking..
watters66 19 75 Scotland
29 Feb 2004 8:36AM
Jeanie,Magda,Paola,thank you for viewing and your kind comments,
Thanks again,
24 Mar 2004 11:59PM
tartanlady 19 58 Scotland
11 Apr 2004 4:53AM
This is beautiful, the sky is very dramatic giving a great effect. The light on the Castle stands out well.
Fine work
highlander 19 32 Scotland
22 Apr 2004 6:26PM
Excellent clarity in the distance and the cloud formation compliments the castle in its evening splendour all lit up for making this wonderful feature. Good work.
starman1 19 61 United States
27 Apr 2004 12:36PM
I wondered how I missed this........posted before I joined.......took a quick tour through your portfolio, many excellent shots, too many to check while at work, but will be back.

Congrats on the EC, one of the top shots I've seen to get one, this is absolutely beautiful, and there is no reason why you shouldn't hang it on your wall. My click will bring it up to 78.

watters66 19 75 Scotland
27 Apr 2004 4:49PM
Thanks to Les,Louise,Doug & Dewey for your kind comments and taking the time to view.
Thanks again,
andytvcams 20 10.4k 1 United Kingdom
13 May 2004 7:45PM
Why do i get a feeling i was there around about the time you took this one,top quality work.

20 Dec 2004 10:18AM
just looked at yer portfolio this is crackin the colours are amazing as is the reflection click stuart
scottydog 18 206
14 Jan 2005 9:49AM
just splendid

your portfolio is excellent

ozimax 19
2 May 2005 12:07AM
Absolutely top drawer stuff Stewart! Max
RipleyExile 19 1.6k 17 England
18 Jan 2006 7:31AM
Lovely image. The sky is the difference between this and other images I've seen of the castle lit up. The others tend to have really dark, or black skies. The reflection is nice and clear as well.
MarkT 18 119 2 England
20 Jan 2006 4:02AM
Beautiful reflections and composition.

lucinka 17 Kuwait
9 Feb 2006 3:05AM
Stewart, wonderfull shot of this I guess most photographed castle in Scotland. The moment is just perfect, shortly after sunset to get great light. Lucie

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