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  • Quote:Similar question earlier today Jacqueline...

    Sorry about that, I tried to do a search but that thread did not came up in the Search Results...

    Just looked again at the UK Epson website, but the specs that are used there are not the same specs as used on the Dutch website. On the latter they mention the scanspeed:
    V500: 33 msec per line, V700 3.1 msec per line.

    So I think that it is the speed (almost 10 times more) that makes the difference and the things mentioned above (more frames at once).

    Read about the Silverfast software too. But when I go to that website they have so many different versions (10!) to choose from. Think I will rely on my PS skills to perfect the scans. It is not that I am going to sell the scanned images.

    Thanks for your ideas and tips! Really appreciated! Good to know that I can rely on the EPZ guys for the best and honest tips! Grin


  • Quote:Rather funny, how to get camera back after you lose it.

    Great idea! As long as you don't drop it in the ocean or so...

  • Hi, I need to make a decision about which scanner to buy: Epson Perfection V500 Photo or the more expensive V700 version.
    I tried to compare the specs, but it does not make a lot of sense to me (yes I am blonde - with grey BTW) Smile
    It seems that the resolution of the V700 is a bit more but that the speed of scanning is the greatest difference.

    I want to scan 25 years of negatives... and hope to restore some to a better quality. So the speed could be a major plus for this job.

    Anyone out here who has the V700 or V500 and want to share their opinions? Read loads of reviews already today so I am looking for your EPZ guys/gals with lots of experience.

    BTW Working with Vista Home Premium.

  • Torn
  • That is one of the reasons I guess so many new photography magazine titles come out every few months. The publishers have loads of images to choose from and don't have to pay for the rights to publish them.

    So it is better to not join the competitions? But then you have not a chance at winning one and get noticed...

    In the craft/art world it is even worse. When you want to enter a challenge (sending in your work) you have to pay a fee. This fee is more than packinging and posting the artwork back to you. And they still get thousands of people so crazy to do it!


  • Quote:Wait for the G11

    Or wait for the G12 - that would come with even better specs... Smile

    I have a G10 for 'the handbag' and all those times that I don't want to dig up the DSLR.
    When viewed closed up in PS, the pictures may not look that good but when printed out - I only see quality - even with my glasses on.


  • Quote:If you vote on a pic you can't add a comment and vice versa!

    Don't agree with the idea of such a system. Sometimes I just want the togger to know what I like about the picture. Would be ridicious if you cannot comment on a good picture because you have clicked it!

    Personally I like the clicks on my pictures so I know which are good and which are not so good (or just plain bad). And I like comments so that I can hear from others what they like about it or find that need some improving - which helps me to broaden my view.

    And then there are images that I just like and don't care if no EPZer gives a ***** about it. Smile!
  • If you could not give 'merit' clicks, lots of people would have a hard time staying while trying to improve their photography. I tend to go through the whole gallery and try to comment on all the pictures that I get to see. That way I don't restrict myself to the genre that I usually like and discover some great pictures and new toggers as well.

    I think for new comers and beginners it is important that they see that their image is getting looked at and not being ignored. Whether it is by getting comments or clicks. Would be great if there were 3 different clicks possible:

    one: you are getting there, keep on going
    two: great image, just a minor fault/problem
    three: love it

    But with thousands of toggers here on EPZ, we will always have thousands of different opinions about this click issue! Smile

    I click, therefore I am an EPZer... Smile

  • Depend on how much you want to control the look of the model. I have used 3D models in these images:

    first example

    second example

    So long you do not need to act the models as real life models, but as a part of an image it is possible to get pretty good results with even free software (DAZ Studio).
    Of course, do not expect true natural results, but there are loads of things possible!

  • Add a new layer to your file.
    Create the watermark in white. Scale and place it where you want it to be.
    Reduce the opacity of that layer untill you are happy with the results.

    You can also play with the Layer Styles, so that only the Shadow or the Inner Shadow is shown. Might be less interfering with the image and still doing its job.

  • If you are using these stock images from Deviant, you almost always have to credit the maker of it. Sometimes, the use of the images is also even limited to showing the collage on the Deviant website too.

    I take my own stock photoos now and even bought a Canon G10 compact to carry around in my handbag for that purpose.
    Just need to solve the problem of having no pictures of models. Tried to solve that with learning 3D, but still need to learn more before I really get to use that in my collage work!

  • Had a good laugh anyway Smile
  • My goodness, think that my day is not that bad after all...

    A bit boring maybe...

  • I guess that most landscape photographers use sunrise or sunset as the best time to capture landscapes. The light is much warmer and with filters it is easier to hold back bright areas so there is enough definition in darker areas.

    Landscapes pictures work better if there is a point in the frame where the eye is lead to. If that is not strong enough, we also like to include some foreground interest... Smile
    That is why most of us stay away from meadows and woods during the summer and hard sunlight. (Well, at least I!)

    There are a number of toggers here though, that break these rules and make it work wonderfully.
    For instance Graham knows how to make it work - especially the second page of his portfolio will give you some excellent examples.
    Hope this helps a bit.

  • Well, it seems that it did not do any harm: the comment has been posted despite the error message. So it is up to the webguys/girls to check it out.

    Matt; the error appeared on a white page with nothing but the error line.. Smile

  • Hello Hanna-Jo, welcome to the site. As you can see: loads of images to browse through. But don't forget to go out there and take pictures yourself! Smile

  • Just got this error message:
    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/ephoto/ on line 900

    after commenting on an photograph.

    Don't know where to report them...

    They are never fully satisfied are they?
  • Have Vista as well, and never bothered with IE after starting using Firefox. It never gave me problems all these years...
    Updates are announced when they are available and updating is a piece of cake.
  • Seems you have loads of experience under your belt. Browse the pictures here and you will be inspired to take loads of new images. Make sure you upload them for us to enjoy too!

  • There are also loads of books on digital photography. To prevent being blown away by all the technical terms, spend some time reading up on some of the basics. It will help you understand the course even better and get the most of it.

  • Batteries!
  • Now is the time to do it. Not when you are approaching 50... Smile
  • "7 seconds" with Youssou N'Dour and Neneh. Still figuring out the lyrics after all these years... Smile
  • Try 'developing' (converting) the RAW images to jpg first.
    When editing the RAW file, always save the masterfile. Use a copy of that image to resize and save as JPG. Put them all in a seperate folder and you should be able to make a slideshow.

    Hope this helps.
  • I tried Elements 5 that is also installed on my PC. But I can't find a fault in it.
    Are you sure you do it the right way?
    The only thing I could think of is that, if you work with Adjustment Layers, the little eye icon in front of it is turned off. This would of course make the change invisible.
    Have you checked that?

    If these problems keep happening, try uninstalling the program and then install again. But you could also try the Adobe site and do a search for Elements 4 and the problem.

  • Hi Nigel, welcome to the EPZ club. Saw that you already uploaded a great shot!
    Looking forward to your images.

  • Hi! Welcome here on EPZ. You will find a lot of members here who actually know a thing or two about photography!
    Have fun!

  • This discussion reminds me of something Conrad told me when he was in the US for a major translating job. He was shown around by a man who was a volunteer and who had met many different people from different countries - also very small and not so familiar African countries. These African people needed extra help getting around because they did not know how to handle automatic doors etc.
    The American took them also home for a dinner and his African guests were amazed by all the appliances and luxeries they had: the running water, fridge, kitchenappliances, swimmingpool etc.
    They were completely amazed by all this. Then one asked: what do your children do???
    Because their kids got to get the water from a well everday and find dry wood for their fires....

    For me this sums up a part of the problem we have here: kids do not have real tasks (if they have any) at home to contribute to everyday life.
    We spoil them by giving things instead of learning them to do things. I am not suggesting that child labour should be brought back, but the idea that you are part of a family, part of a society and that your job - even as a child - is to contribute to that in a positive way.

    If these kids had things to do at home, they might have been too tired to do kill this defenseless animal...