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"There are always two people in every picture; the photographer and the viewer."

Ansel Adams 1902-1984
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  • Thanks Andrew, you're very kind Grin
  • Just wanted to say "Thank You EPZ Team" for the Highly Commended Award on my image Golden Hour on Dalmore Beach.

    I was really delighted and the award helps to spur me on to continue improving my photography.

    Many thanks again Guys.

    Elaine GrinGrinGrin
  • Yes Bren I'm finding out very quickly that it's a minefield but both Loxley and DSCL are being very helpful.

    There are cheaper companies out there (one I found to be half the cost of Loxley & DSCL) but I feel that you get what you pay for usually, and that probably holds true in the photographic printing world too Grin

    I want to get the best possible quality for this large print Grin
  • Hi Everyone,

    At last I have time to sit at my computer to read your advice properly and say thanks for your help.

    Loxley and D & S Color Labs look like two great printing companies and I've been in touch with both of them and they're very helpful.

    A further complication for me is that one of my friends wants to buy one of my prints at 3 foot by 2 foot so I'm having to quickly learn all about image size/dpi/mega pixels -v- print size etc.

    I absolutely agree that I shouldn't sell my prints too cheaply and I'm going to take a professional approach to costing/pricing taking into account my time spent on processing etc and then add a sensible mark up.

    I really appreciate you all taking the time to let me have your great advice.

    Thanks again
    Elaine Grin
  • Hi Everyone

    Sorry I haven't had time to reply to you all yet- having a very busy time at work!

    Your replies look very helpful and I hope to read them all properly and get back to you tonight.

    Many thanks
    Elaine 😃
  • Thanks Jester, just checked out the website - looks good Grin
  • Hi everyone,

    I'm sure this question must have been asked loads of times before but can anyone advise what I should charge for prints of my images?

    My friends are asking if I will sell them prints but I haven't got a clue where to start with pricing.

    Also can anyone recommend a good printing company?

    Grateful for any advice.
    Elaine Grin
  • Close Up of a tiny section of Thornton Force
  • Outdoor Crematlons on the Burning Ghats of Varanasi, India

  • Thanks for all the advice guys, a quick update.........

    I used Bridge to rename the files in the offending folder but rather than delete any images from within Bridge I went into Windows photo viewer and I could plainly see all of the duplicates as they were next to the original images in the display. I just went through and eyeballed all of the dupes and manually deleted them. Took me a while but I felt it was the safest way to do it.

    Anyway, big lesson learned TongueTongue

    I'm just learning to use Lightroom for importing and organising my images and hopefully this shouldn't happen to me again, although........never say never!!

    Thanks for all of your help GrinGrin
  • Thanks for that great tip Angie. I've taken the precaution of creating a duplicate folder and will work on that one - deleting what seem to be the duplicate images that Bridge identifies.

    Then if I muck up I'll still have the original folder to fall back on.

    Many thanks for taking the time to help me GrinGrin
  • Thanks for the link...and your help Grin
  • Ah thanks answersonapostcard, I do have Bridge as I have the Photoshop CC photography package. I've never used it though....going to look at it now Grin

    Thanks for this.
    Elaine Grin
  • Would anyone be able to advise on a good programme for finding duplicate photos please.

    In one of my folders where there should only be approx 1,400 photos there are 5,500! Upon inspection I found that somehow I have loads of duplicates SadSad

    Hoping someone can advise on a good programme I can download from the net.


    Elaine Grin
  • Thanks Bren...I'll use the sRGB option in future for the net.
    Elaine Grin
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your advice...I've found the option in PS this morning and,as you advised, have changed the colour space from ProPhoto to AdobeRGB (1998) and, yes - it's worked. The colours of the image I've uploaded this morning are displayed faithfully in the thumbnails GrinGrin

    Elaine Grin

  • Thanks Alex. You've helped solve my problem. I'll try both ways and then pick one method. Hopefully no more muddy shots in the thumbnails Grin
    Elaine Grin
  • Hi Both,

    I usually use the Photo/Ediit In Photoshop option.

    I've just had a look at the Export command (I've not used this before), and can see there's an option to save as a PSD file and then AdobeRGB (1998).

    Is this the option that i should use? Thanks so much for your help.

    Elaine Grin
  • Aha Alex...yes, that makes sense. I have seen messages about colour space. I'm new to LR and Photoshop CC and have ignored the messages (doh!!).

    Thanks so much for this, I'll take action next time I process a shot.


    Elaine Grin
  • Thanks Chris...maybe I need to check the display settings on my laptop. Glad it looks ok to you, thanks for letting me know
    Elaine Grin
  • I've noticed recently that my images don't look right when viewed as a thumbnail in the galleries and also in my PF.

    The thumbnails look flat and lack colour and contrast but when the images are viewed at full size they're quite ok.

    Has anyone else noticed this?

    I've just uploaded an image of a poppy which looks awful in the thumbnails but is fine when viewed properly.

    I'd be grateful for any advice
    Elaine Grin

  • I bought a Sun Sniper strap from the Photography Show a couple of years ago


    It cost about 45 but I've not used it yet as I'm nervous that my camera will not be secure hanging from it. The strap screws into the tripod socket on the bottom of my camera, and I'm worried that the camera might work itself loose and fall off.

    Has anyone used this type of strap? Are they safe to use?

    I'm going to Rome next week and was thinking of giving the strap a whirl to make it easier to carry around.

    Elaine Grin
  • Thanks for that great tip about Ebay Keith...that's an option that may be of interest.

    Thanks to all you guys for taking the time to give me some great advice to pass on.

    I'm very grateful.

    Elaine GrinGrin