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Activity : Photo Comments


"There are always two people in every picture; the photographer and the viewer."

Ansel Adams 1902-1984
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  • Made

    Reminds me of warmer times Peter - roll on Spring Grin
    • 11 Feb 2016 7:47PM
  • a quick shower

    Hahahaha - very humorous Jade...great timing Grin
    • 11 Feb 2016 7:42PM
  • Rossall Point

    Thanks so much tanmoy_d for giving me your UA - I'm glad you like my shot Grin

    Cheers to Jade, Nathan, Bill, Peter and Trev...I hope you're all well and enjoying our photography.


    Elaine GrinGrin
    • 11 Feb 2016 7:40PM
  • Early Morning on the Coquet River

    Thanks Peter...yes the light was lovely that morning Grin
    • 31 Jan 2016 4:01PM
  • Whitewater

    Thanks Ade...I got quite wet standing in the water but I think it was worth it Grin
    • 24 Jan 2016 3:03PM
  • Promenade

    Thanks Peter...and all the best for 2016 to you too GrinGrin
    • 2 Jan 2016 9:00PM
  • Calderdale Cocktail ii

    Mono for me Jade...great shot Grin
    • 14 Dec 2015 7:42PM
  • Mummy, stop it!

    Fantastic Jade...would make a great greetings card - good in b&w

    Elaine GrinGrin
    • 14 Dec 2015 7:40PM
  • Wrecked

    Oh thank you so much everyone for your interest and lovely comments on my shot. It's very nice to get in from work and see all of your kind words Grin

    Very special thanks go to David (HobbitDave) and Jade (Jadus) for their User Awards - it's lovely to know that you think my image is good enough for your awards Guys GrinGrin

    Thanks also to everyone who voted and stopped by to take a look.

    Elaine GrinGrin
    • 14 Dec 2015 7:27PM
  • Moody Sky

    Thanks Diane, I couldn't head back home like a wimp when this was developing Grin
    • 12 Dec 2015 11:20AM
  • Stanley Park at Dawn

    Hi Everyone,

    Thank so very much Peter (Mollycat) for your fantastic UA. I was over the moon to see it there GrinGrin

    Also thanks for all of the smashing comments guys as well as the votes and views.


    Elaine GrinGrin
    • 1 Nov 2015 1:21AM
  • Derwentwater

    Very special thanks to Ade for his UA - I'm very happy to receive it Ade Grin

    Thanks to all you guys for your smashing comments too.

    Also for all of the votes and views.


    Elaine Grin
    • 18 Oct 2015 5:28PM
  • Elbows

    Bet it's a bit smelly in thereTongue

    Brilliant shot Jade.
    Elaine Grin
    • 14 Oct 2015 9:30PM
  • Solitude

    Thanks Ken and Peter....I can't make my mind up!!
    Elaine Grin
    • 12 Oct 2015 1:06PM
  • Morning in Dubrovnik

    Thanks so much for your UA Nathan - it's very encouraging for me to have received it. I'm glad you like my shot.
    Elaine Grin
    • 9 Oct 2015 8:12PM
  • Supetar at Sunset

    Thanks Richard and Bill............oh why can't I always be on holiday !!
    Elaine Grin
    • 8 Oct 2015 8:44PM
  • City Walls Dubrovnik

    Thank you Mike...much appreciated Grin
    • 6 Oct 2015 9:53PM
  • Dubrovnik Rooftops

    Thanks Jade, Croatia is wonderful Grin
    • 28 Sep 2015 9:59PM
  • Dubrovnik Harbour

    Thank you Nezih Grin
    • 27 Sep 2015 5:00PM
  • Dawn on the Coquet River

    Thanks for your support everyone...off to work now

    Elaine Grin
    • 26 Aug 2015 7:48AM
  • Moody Moorings

    Hi Everyone,

    Just got in from work to see the lovely response to my shot.

    Extra special thanks to Lufc62, Peter (Ddolfelin) and Trev (TrevBatWCC) for their smashing User Awards - I'm over the moon to receive them GrinGrinGrin

    Thanks also go to all of you who left such nice comments and voted.

    Thanks for the support and appreciation everyone.

    Elaine GrinGrinGrinGrin
    • 24 Aug 2015 7:54PM
  • OMG...I've Pooped Myself.....

    Wow...fantastic Grin
    • 29 Jul 2015 8:30PM
  • Marli

    Woah....fantastic Jade Grin
    • 29 Jul 2015 8:03PM
  • Juggling the grape

    You did well to get such sharp shots in between your giggles Jade Grin

    Lovely work GrinGrin
    • 29 Jul 2015 7:40PM
  • Little Nibbler

    Thanks Guys GrinGrin
    • 29 Jul 2015 7:52AM
  • Squirrel Portrait

    Thanks very much for taking the time to leave your lovely comments everyone. Very special thanks to Eileen, Peter and Richard for their UA's - lovely surprise and I appreciate it a lot.

    Thanks also for all of the votes and views.

    Elaine Grin
    • 28 Jul 2015 7:27PM
  • I Got Down & Dirty

    Thanks everyone.

    Lovely to receive your UA Peter - I'm glad you liked the series . The shots were taken by my husband. It was a bit of a shock hitting the pit of mud at the bottom head first and I was blinded by the mud but at the same time was in hysterics laughing with my colleague who had agreed to sign up for the challenge with me Grin

    Cheers also Nathan, Patty and Danny.

    Patty....here's a video showing how I got the mud off....my husband enjoyed that part more than me TongueTongueTongueTongue


    Thanks for your great comments and votes guys
    Elaine Grin
    • 19 Jul 2015 10:48AM
  • The Healing Place

    What a fantastic shot Si.

    The pose, the lighting and the way you have portrayed how engrossed he is in his book.

    Superb photography Grin

    Elaine x
    • 20 Jun 2015 10:21PM
  • Sicilian Garlic

    Just got home from work and delighted to see such lovely comments. Thanks for taking the time everyone...I'm glad you like my shot.

    Moira...What a great idea to do a b&w conversion. I've enabled modifications and hope you will give it a go. Can't wait to see how it would look. GrinGrin

    Thanks guys

    Elaine GrinGrin
    • 18 Jun 2015 6:27PM
  • Astrantia

    Thanks so much for taking the time to leave such nice comments everyone
    Elaine GrinGrin
    • 17 Jun 2015 9:51PM