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Life is a gift. Enjoy it Smile
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A quick view of WelshKiwi's recent activity.

  • BBQ HDR by RogBrown

    He is here right now looking over my shoulder when we should be in the PUB
    • 25 May 2010 10:07PM
  • Cologne Cathederal by sidaorb

    I really love the compostion and the diaganols. lead in lines and the geometric aspect of this image.

    I love the crop and it is a different view point from the norm.

    Great stuff Carl.

    Lee Smile
    • 11 May 2010 1:39PM
  • The Bell by csurry

    I love the colours on this Cheryl.

    I must admit, I am liking your determination, perseverance and dedication to this particular project.

    To me they all look fantastic and perfect but if I know you, you wont be happy with them 100% yet.

    I think an A1 poster with a number of these images would look great and be a winner.

    Lee Smile
    • 10 May 2010 12:34PM
  • Heart Breaker by AlleyCatz

    I love the originality of this one Ally

    Have a great Christmas, hope to see you sometime in 2010.

    Lee xxx
    • 23 Dec 2009 10:20AM
  • You Can Look..... by RogBrown

    PMSL Smile

    Love it Smile
    • 23 Oct 2009 8:59AM
  • The Waiting Game by AlleyCatz

    Very special and emotive Smile

    Stuff memories are made of Smile

    Lee Smile
    • 21 Oct 2009 10:33AM
  • My Very First HDR Ever by WelshKiwi

    Hiya KT.

    I actually composed it all by myself Wink Eif did show me how to set up the camera. I pressed the button, and he did help me with processing. I did it much stronger, he did it much weaker and we compromised on this...

    So, not sure really who's image it is but at least I'm honest and saying Ive had help Smile

    Funny, about the crop, because I had cropped in tight in camera and then pulled out cos I thought it needed a surronding, so I suppose I like yours better Smile

    Always the way huh ...

    Me xx
    • 14 Oct 2009 8:32PM

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  • Posted on BarrieNeilPhotography's profile

    Welcome back Barrie Smile
    Lee Smile
    • 27 Aug 2010 6:03PM
  • Posted on lindin's profile

    Sleep Tight Lindyn and may you rest in peace.
    Thank you for being you and helping us all so much.

    • 11 May 2008 10:45AM
  • Posted on newy17's profile

    Oh Man. I LOVE your work.

    Cant say anymore than that except, superb.

    • 26 Dec 2007 5:25PM

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