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Thanks for viewing and commenting on my photos - it is always appreciated.
I've been interested in photography since the age of 7 and used to do my own black & white developing and printing. Recently (millenium time) I changed from 35mm SLR to Digital and almost felt like I was back in the darkroom again. Having said that, I much prefer to do 'nothing' to my shots by way of enhancement - they say the camera never lies, let's keep it that way!
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Finally took the plunge (28/1/04) and am now a very happily retired programmer. My main photographic interests revolve around Nature/Landscapes, though very adaptable. Try to look for dramatic effects. Comments are most welcome.
Also avid sports enthusiast, both playing and watching (balance definitely beginning to tip in favour of the latter, especially since my wedding on 4th June 2005!) - particularly skiing, cricket and hockey.


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