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  • Can use props as well. This was a mask I made for a ball.

  • I occasionally get that. restart usually fixes
  • I have to admit, sometimes I miss a really good flouncer Grin We've had some excellent ones over the years
  • I'm now looking on ebay Smile
  • Liking the effect on the old glass
  • Have a look at Mandy Disher's work, she's been using a light box for her latest work and it seems to be very successful
  • I remember that Dave Smile Sounds like you are a member of a great club with people willing to go out and shoot. Unfortunately the ones I have tried locally have not been as outgoing, which is a real shame, as I would have certainly carried on.
  • It depends on the sort of photographers you are mixing with. In some clubs, only certain things might be popular and everyone will conform to a certain style as anything else is not in with them, they will usually tell you it is art and you don't understand it.
    I've had my fair share at organising practical evenings & being on committees & the lack of response and moans can be dispiriting. I also find that on group shoots you will get people hiding what they are shooting or hiding the settings on the camera & afterwards not sharing any processing tips, although the usual culprits for this kind of thing are the processes you wouldn't want to know anyway. As for judging, well, I did that once, only one person walked out.
    I don't mean to do clubs down, there are probably some great ones out there and people really enjoying themselves, but it's not for me. I'm happy going out with friends and our cameras and having fun & telling each other what we think and helping each other out & also online communities like this which are usually good fun.
  • I met so many people when I did cycling photography as a business, many I am still friends with. Don't shoot much of it now, but like to do a couple of events a year for a bit of fun & to keep my eye in. Usually have a team or two pick up some images as well, which is always nice Smile I spend half my time at races now chatting to people rather than shooting Smile
  • I also joined clubs hoping to be enthused, but it ended up feeling stultifying. All competition & talks that to be quite honest were like your Uncle Ernie showing off his holiday slides. The best comment on one from the speaker was on a photo of a blank rock. "This is where the eagles normally are, but they weren't here that day" The rest of the talk went on in the same manner to the accompanying pan pipe music. I did meet some good friends through it, but the club thing is not for me.

    Best think I can say is go out with a friend who enjoys photography & makes you laugh. I go out with a friend for an afternoon most weeks and even if we don't get any decent images, we crack each other up laughing. We also have different photographic interests. I like still life & building interiors & she likes wildlife, so we mix it up and shoot each others choices, which makes it interesting. You don't even have to take any images, only if you feel like it.

    And not forgetting EPZ, I still find it inspires me.
  • No problem, done it a few times, but always happy to fill a gap if you are stuck Smile
  • I'm happy to do another stint at some point if you get stuck. Just let me know.
  • Hi Pete, just had a quick look through the menu & don't think it has a silent mode. But I'll have a look through the manual after work for you.
    Live in the midlands, so not terribly exotic, although at the moment I do have some daffodils in the garden that are in flower and a camelia bush that is flowering a bit early Smile
  • These are from Sainsbury's & are in the conservatory Smile I'm not much of a gardener, most of my flowers come from a friendly local florist. Hope the shot helps, I did another at ISO1000, so will see what it looks like processed as well. Glad it helped.
  • Shot this at ISO 1250, not too bad, noise but useable, this is RAW converted to jpeg for here with no other adjustments.

  • I've not done a lot of low light photographs with it and am generally working around 100-400, but will pop into garden as it gets darker & try a couple & pop on here for you
  • I bought the EM10 Mk1 last year & it's a great camera. I've got a 14-42 and 40-150 lens and it goes everywhere with me in my handbag. I've had various compact cameras over the years and this knocks them all into a cocked hat for quality. Perfect for a day out in London or any other city or indeed anywhere else if I don't fancy lugging my main gear about.
  • We had the same thing at my son's flat, we only had 1 1/2 inches! We used a length of steel tubing and just had a support at either end. Other problem we had was nothing but the steel above the window with a thin bit of plaster over to drill into, so it's screwed into that. Been there for a while now with no problems, but no centre support as no room.
  • Looks really good all seems to be working well. I like it.
  • Good luck with the upgrade, hope you have less problems that we had at work upgrading our systems Smile
  • I've not used Aurora, but have used Photomatix and Nik HDR pro. I've found Nik the best of the two. I've also recently updated to photoshop CC but have not tried lightroom yet, but will give it a go.
  • I've always welcomed constructive critique on my shots, its a way of learning & improving.
    You just eventually realise that not everyone appreciates critique, which is probably why I'm not in my local camera club any more, but to be fair, only one person walked (well more like flounced) out when I judged Blush
  • Another yes please, I'd like a still life main tab.
  • Thanks Kevin, only have a laptop at the moment, not a PC, but I can plug it in Smile
  • Had a lovely email today organising delivery of my monitor Smile. Really chuffed still
  • Wow, the monitor for me!!!
    Thanks EPZ, for running another great draw this year.
  • I was very lucky and got a pixelstick, great fun Smile
  • I was really wishing I hadn't started at one point as none of the batteries in the flashes or triggers were working! Took bloody ages to find out which ones, then set up the timer so I could jump into the shoes!
  • There's no place like home

  • Well I'm here tonight, but not sure if my brain or inspiration is Smile