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A quick view of widtink's recent activity.

  • IMac 27 incher

    I've just made the move from mac back to Windows (in retrospect, buying a Mac 5 years ago was a big mistake) and am generally happy about W8 so far. My experience of Appl...
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  • Help

    Thanks for the help people.
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  • Lightroom problem

    The NSA have already overcome the need for write-protect :-)
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  • Silver Efex Pro 2

    "But what is coming next from Google ? There must be a sting in the tail !" Not necessarily Jeff - I seem to remember Apple dropping the price of Aperture ...
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  • To polarise or not.

    "Cheers so not really suitable fot the 10-20 then thank you Rod" On a lens is wide as the one you own - on balance my advice is no. Even 24 mm on a cropped...
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  • Tripods

    I've had an aluminum Manfrotto 190 for years, solid as a church. I used it with a ball head for years, then last year started using a 3-way, and like the 3-way much bette...
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  • Nikon 16-85

    Yeah sdb there is one on MPB for 79 might get one in a wee while :) Mr Rockwell certainly likes it lol Rod
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  • Posted on Diggeo's profile

    Very inspiring stuff
    • 10 Jan 2015 9:09AM
  • Posted on almiles's profile

    Stunning PF Al the detail in these images is staggering and I love the Gorms Wink

    • 8 Apr 2013 8:34AM
  • Posted on handlerstudio's profile

    Nice portfolio and nice outlook on life Grin

    • 2 Apr 2013 10:26AM
  • Posted on LesF's profile

    Thats some PF Les very very impressive, Your B/W work is fantastic but it's the variety i love . Nice one

    • 3 Feb 2013 12:19PM
  • Posted on JimGordon's profile

    Cracking PF Jim some great work neebs Smile

    • 24 Jan 2013 3:55PM
  • Posted on PaulHolloway's profile

    Just looked thru yoer PF absolutely stunning work Smile Iam off to Colonsay on Monday for a week so hopefully get at least one pic maybe close tae yer league lol
    • 20 Oct 2012 9:07AM
  • Posted on NDODS's profile

    All of the above i have only been on EPZ a few months and you were always there with encouragement and your comments were always well recieved Smile Hope you are ok take it easy you are missed already Smile

    • 28 Sep 2012 7:36PM

Limited to latest 30 results.