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Hello, its kind of you to look at my photos. As the site says I am an enthusiastic amateur and am always looking to improve so any comments or suggestions will be gratefully received!
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  • Liberty


    Fabulous image!
    • 23 Jan 2020 8:15PM
  • Cow and calf Rocks

    Quote:Great image!
    Good tones and the composition works very well.
    If you don`t mind me saying, for me I think it would be improved a tad if the con trail was cloned out (just my opinion Smile)

    Hi Bill, many thanks for the comment and I dont mind any suggestions! You have no idea how long I thought about that! Could follow the portrait rule - if it will be gone in 10 days clone it out (eg spots) if not (eg moles, beauty spots) leave it in! But I quite liked it so decided to leave it!
    • 16 Jan 2017 4:32PM
  • carla

    Superb, the softness and femininity in this photo are so well caught
    • 4 Jan 2016 12:12PM
  • Bloody Decorations.....

    Ah yes, my non-favourite part too. Especially the "hunt the light bulb thats not working in the string of 120" trick. Its usually number 118 or 119 that you test!
    • 9 Dec 2015 7:59PM
  • Beached

    Its a well known boat but another really good photo of her!
    • 5 Dec 2015 8:23PM
  • Common Kingfisher

    There is nothing common about this Kingfisher! Truly exceptional photo!
    • 5 Dec 2015 8:22PM

    Very good photo. I love Steampunk even a bit stylised like this. Great lighting and effects!
    • 3 Dec 2015 6:56PM

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