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A quick view of Willyjeen's recent activity.

  • Me, Myself, and I (+1)

    No snoot, this is natural lighting from a window at camera left.
    • 30 Jan 2007 9:58PM
  • Gracie in Blue

    Thanks! I'm not a big cropper, I like to leave it at the 4x6 aspect ratio.
    • 26 Jan 2007 5:17PM
  • The Front Porch

    Thanks! I had this posted on another forum with the question "Any ideas how I shot this?"
    • 28 Nov 2006 7:31PM
  • Gracie

    I'm not really a cropper. The framing is one of the things I like about this because her gaze is going up and out of the frame. It keeps your eye moving.

    @Long: Woman's best friend Smile
    • 17 Aug 2006 4:08PM
  • Shannon

    I shot manually and metered off the sky.
    • 15 Aug 2006 5:14PM
  • Wide Angle Dane

    Oh I already have Smile This lens is so FUN!
    • 18 Jul 2006 3:31PM
  • 10 Day Goodness

    This is my friend's new son. 10 days old. Came out with a full head of hair! I have never shot a 10 day old before, so it was pretty fun. Compared to toddlers that run around non-stop, I really enjoyed being able to sit in one spot!
    • 24 May 2006 7:19AM

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