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Thank you for looking at my photographs.
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  • Elephant Tusks by WimdeVos

    Hi Frank, I am the one in the photo so I didn't take the picture but am in it, point well taken though but it doesn't bother me if someone isn't in the frame totally.
    • 5 Dec 2012 3:36PM
  • Eating Monks by WimdeVos

    Quote:I'm so glad there are more of these photos - they are just superb! Everything about them - characterizations, color, detail, composition. These should be in a book all to themselves.

    They are in a book Christina, I took these pics while I was on assignment for CBS 60 minutes which was aired just before Easter 2011 and again just before Christmas 2011.

    • 9 May 2012 2:28PM
  • The boat by WimdeVos

    It really is very clear, "the boat" is the boat biggest and most dominating in the front of the is intended to look like the way you describe it and please don't forget, this series of photographs are taken with a mobile phone, as far as photoshop is concerned, its called creative freedom and remember, in the old darkroom days you could not sit there playing with photos and enjoying a glass of wine at the same time.
    • 22 Oct 2011 3:38PM
  • marie by Wickedsista

    This is a great potrait.
    • 17 Apr 2011 7:17PM
  • The Little Karoo by georg

    I love the Karoo and deserts in general like the Namib and the Kalahari, nice photo Georg, I trust you are well and still flying?
    • 16 Apr 2011 1:10PM
  • Monk by WimdeVos

    Quote:Wonderful streak of could perhaps lose his carrier bag? Smile

    You have a point there but I kind of prefer it with the carrier bag coss its more realistic that way, isn't it?
    • 16 Apr 2011 12:56PM
  • Dancing by s1000rr

    Wow, right on time, I bet that took a very quick reaction.
    • 10 Apr 2011 12:12PM
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  • Posted on taggart's profile

    Thank you Jen for your lovely comment, i've only had a few hours in the village but will be back and do some more on the subject, I just love the place...feels like home(Amsterdam)but I'm in London which isn't quite the same. I do enjoy looking at your photo's, lovely datails.
    • 1 Oct 2008 5:17PM
  • Posted on Guillaume's profile

    A very nice portfolio indeed Guillaume.

    • 19 Jun 2008 1:37PM

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