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An very friendly web.....welcome to any body.
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A quick view of WimpyIskandar's recent activity.

  • Model Photography.

    dear Prabhusinha,
    NAMASTE.Thank-you for sharing yr comment.
    BRgds WIMPY.
    • 21 Jan 2016 7:33AM
  • Lady ceramic

    Dear Peter,
    Yess she is away from the muddy,but the worker is slamp into it..........
    Thnks n Rgds WIMPY.
    • 19 Jan 2016 4:02AM
  • Batik workers

    Dear Paul,
    Thnks for yr comment,i agreed with you,with slower speed to get more deeper face and shadowing area.
    The focus point,noted.
    Thnks n Rgds WIMPY.

    Dear Pamela,
    Thnks for yr comment,useful for me,
    Best Rgds WIMPY.

    Dear Dudler,
    Thnks for comment,i like what you said about pattern of arm.........this is really a lucky for me.
    I just said to them,"stop yr hand on the stove for a second" and i got it.......thnks for modif upload.
    Brgds WIMPY.

    Dear Moira,
    Thnks for the reply and comment,i already spent my week end to study how to use the flash with M mode and then with F 5.6........so all yr comment is suitable for me.........i also find out that speed is helpful for me to get the deep or shalow of the subject,as you said.......
    the other idea,to put them into publishing company,is not yet in my idea..........do have any idea how i start to work on it.......thansk for upload modif.
    Best Regards WIMPY.
    • 19 Jan 2016 3:19AM
  • Old man.

    Dear Dark Lord,
    Thanks for yr comment,yess i use radio-trigered flash canon exrt,ttl,yess use it only illumination only,of course i cant get the reflector with me,since this photo shoot is captured at rural area.
    Back ground light is geeting from what it is.........awaiting yr next comment.
    BRgds WIMPY.

    Dear Dudler,
    Thnks for yr comment,i used to be with using the mode of Tv,so when i go hunting,i mostly used it,
    then when in combine it with the flash,i find out that the flash is easly to manage by Tv mode.........
    I read some book that is better with mode of Av to create the photo with the flash,then so far,i still
    not consider to move into this suggestion.....is there any something wrong with it ???
    BRgds WIMPY.

    Dear Pamela,
    Thanks for yr comment,the horn handicrfat is for making the smoke pipe,handle for kris [a traditional spear] hair-comb,handle for walking stick,door knob, and mostly of this equipment is catagory as expensive product.
    Best Rgds WIMPY.

    Dear Paul,
    Noted with the dark-face of the old man,since the flash angle [remote-flash] is a bit too high of left side,i like this kind of photo which create a shadow between the nose and eyes etc.......is it a bad ??
    Thnks n Rgds WIMPY.

    Dear Willie,
    Noted yr "crouching" suggestion,i already practice it at another subject and will upload soon......thnks for upload the modof in mono........
    Thnks n Rgds WIMPY.

    Dear Moira,
    Thanks for yr comment,i always miss yr critique,it is too motivate me do a better photography.
    Of course,the all team member of crit team of EPZ is also very sharp,dedicated and focus...........
    I noted into yr "eyes level" suggestion ..........i already do it into my next object,will soon upload it.
    BRgds WIMPY.

    • 15 Jan 2016 3:46AM
  • Batik work.

    dear Chase,
    Thnks for yr comment,yes i do a some another shoot with variation of picture-style and faslh-angle,
    but I think this is the best .
    BRgds WIMPY.
    • 11 Jan 2016 8:45AM
  • Golden Temple kitchen,volunter for 60thousan people to feed.

    Dear Tanya,
    Thnks for yr comment and crtique.I tried to use the white-balance shadow,but result,in my opinion is not as good as this one.........BRgds WIMPY.

    dear Benehawi,
    Thnks for yr modif upload,i like it,its look more bright,
    BRgds WIMPY.

    Dear Dudler,
    Thnks for yr comment,noted to increase the shadow and some tweaked down the highlight.......
    BRgds WIMPY.

    Dear PAUL,
    Noted yr comment,the burn of fore-ground and also too black back-ground...........i try to isolate
    this whole situation,then i hope i may attract attention to the only cake-ball they made.
    Any way,Thnks n BRgds WIMPY.

    Dear Willie/Benehawi,
    Thnks for yr comment.
    BRgds WIMPY.

    Dear PranavMisra,
    And thkx for yr additional comment.
    BRgds WIMPY.
    • 11 Dec 2015 4:00AM
  • Golden Temple.

    dear Peter,
    noted yr mssg,yess i agreed with you regarding the tress on left side............thnks n Rgds WIMPY.
    • 3 Dec 2015 4:49AM
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  • All your flower's photography make the world be sweety,best rgds WIMPY.
    • Posted on AnneB50's profile
    • 25 Oct 2013 2:26AM