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A quick view of wolfy's recent activity.

  • Orange tip

    Absolutely amazing work Steve, just fab! Grin
    • 17 May 2013 12:20PM
  • Hillside Shadows...

    Excellent mono conversion Dougie, love those reflections too Smile
    • 26 Apr 2013 12:20PM
  • Spirit Of The Iceni

    Awesome work Nikki, love the light cloud and mood you have captured here Smile
    • 25 Apr 2013 1:32PM
  • The Hat

    Brilliant work Richard and congrats on all the awards..WTG fella Grin
    • 22 Apr 2013 3:43PM
  • Loch Slapin mirror...

    Lovely reflections Dougie, beautifully captured..yeah I know that road quite well too, seen that boat a few times Wink
    • 19 Apr 2013 8:54AM
  • Crested tit

    Absolutely stunning work Steve. Amazing details and sharpness, quite incredible!
    • 17 Apr 2013 9:59AM
  • Smoky sunset...

    Nicely worked considering the heather Dougie Smile
    • 4 Apr 2013 9:31AM
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  • Hello MelB, just wanted to say you have a nice PF building up of beautuiful shots! Keep up the good work and I hope your brownies are as good as your photo's Tongue
  • Wonderful PF of shots, all very well taken and presented Derek!
  • Lovely set of images Cheesemaster, very good PF of shots love your compositions and colours you capture, keep up the good work and try and post a bit more frequent this year(if you can!)
    • Posted on cheesey's profile
    • 15 Jan 2011 2:03PM
  • Hi Lianne, you have a wonderful plethora of unique shots here, nice to see! I do think however there is a marked improvement as your PF is growing, excellent! Keep up the good work and all the best for 2011 Smile
    • Posted on lianna's profile
    • 1 Jan 2011 6:58PM
  • Your building up a superb PF Andy, lots of variations and good lighting too, all the best for Xmas & New Year and keep up the good work in 2011 - Rog
    • Posted on andylea's profile
    • 24 Dec 2010 7:46PM
  • Superb collection of shots Alan, long time since you posted tho Sad
  • Great PF Sarah, superb unique style and a pleasure to view, keep up the wonderful work!


    • Posted on Sezz's profile
    • 16 Dec 2010 4:53PM
  • Awsome work Mari, your work is inspirational! My fav's are the pebbles in the sand shots, amazing!
    • Posted on Mari's profile
    • 10 Dec 2010 4:49PM
  • WoW! Nice one Ollie, you have some wonderful shots in your portfolio, keep up the the great work!
    • Posted on oll1e's profile
    • 21 Nov 2010 12:34PM
  • One of the best Nature photographers on EPZ Steve, wonderful PF-keep up the good work!
    • Posted on Steve_S's profile
    • 24 May 2009 7:49PM