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A quick view of woodlandlad's recent activity.

  • I'd Prefer Mealworms Mate ! by woodlandlad

    Thanks everyone. I've been trying to get a sharp shot of a Robin for ages.

    Chaffinch next!!!
    • 24 May 2015 8:20PM
  • Nosey Neighbour by woodlandlad

    Many thanks!
    • 30 Aug 2014 12:34AM
  • Good Times, Yet to Come. by woodlandlad

    Addition: Using speedlight set to 35mm at 1/128 power. Never used one before but fun to experiment !
    • 31 Dec 2013 8:35PM
  • Patch eyes! by woodlandlad

    Thank you all for your great comments.

    I used the wide aperture on this piccy because the cat wouldn't keep still. Also the lighting in my kitchen isn't the best and I didn't want to increase the ISO and risk the grains! My thoughts were "freeze the action and sort it out in Lightroom later". So consequently it turned out under exposed and I didn't pull it back enough.

    Love the Mod Willy. Really makes the picture pop, and also that red tinge has disappeared.

    I think I need to work on composition a bit more and get some practice in. What wound me up about this one is that when I tried to get the eye on a third it always looked as though there was too much white fur at the bottom which detratced from the eyes. Also the white patch in the background was a pain so I tried to apply a subtle vignette to tone it down a bit rather than photoshopping it out.

    Once again thanks for the advice. Love this site, everyone is so friendly and I have learnt so much by looking at critique on other photos.

    Kind regards
    • 21 Dec 2013 9:29PM
  • Stopping off for a Drink by woodlandlad

    Thanks very much !
    • 3 Aug 2013 10:31PM
  • Green Finch by woodlandlad

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    I'm really loving this site. Learnt so much !

    • 12 Apr 2013 10:26PM
  • Goldfinch by woodlandlad

    Thanks TG! Grin
    • 11 Apr 2013 8:25AM

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