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"Trying to get the perfect shot is like trying to get the film out of a digital camera".

Karl Wood
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A quick view of woodlark's recent activity.

  • Zagreb Relection ..

    Thanks for commentingand UA.
    Possibly under exposed but to be fair I don't use auto settings on camera and I'm not to sure the nun would appreciate me asking her to walk past again whilst I change my aperture Wink
    • 21 Sep 2019 5:20PM
  • A dogs life in Zagreb

    Really liked Zagreb. A strange mixture of Architecture, some streets you feel like your in Austria and others more Eastern European. We flew to Venice and caught buses to Slovenia then Croatia eventually flying back from Zadar. Everything is so easy to book on your phone as you go along these days including B+B.
    • 19 Sep 2019 11:43AM
  • Tree Art ..

    Thanks for the UA Alan.
    • 25 Mar 2019 4:31PM
  • On the edge ..

    Thank you for the nice comments and awards.
    • 19 Mar 2019 8:32PM
  • Admire the view ..

    Thank you so much for all your kind comments and awards

    • 22 Feb 2019 9:00PM
  • Tash keeping watch...

    Thanks again for all the nice comments.

    • 22 Feb 2019 4:58PM
  • Mummy I wish you would stop smoking ...

    Thank you for the UA's Wink

    • 20 Feb 2019 2:26PM
  • Excellent PF. Cant believe ive not seen it before. I Love the classic mono street work.
    • Posted on GlennH's profile
    • 14 Jun 2011 12:25AM
  • Great stuff,great website. I love that you vary your subjects and judging by your shots I imagine your camera is with you at all times.

    ps Just flicked through APOY, i see your carrying on where you left off last year. Well done!!
    pps thanks for taking the time to comment on my PF.

  • Im sure as you keep uploading you will gain lots of followers. Love eye for composition/lighting and range of subjects. Excellent PF.
  • Your comment bought me to your pf, some great images really well composed and presented.
  • Excellent porfolio portraying the people and culture so well.
    • Posted on pronabk's profile
    • 19 Jul 2010 8:33PM
  • Some really good shots here Fraser....keep them coming !
    • Posted on fraser's profile
    • 14 May 2010 5:37PM
  • Thanks for repeatedly sharing some wonderful images Simon. Each one is so strong and well presented.
  • I have been following your images for some time now and each one is full of quality.
    Thanks for sharing them for my our viewing.
    • Posted on Jouİo's profile
    • 10 Mar 2010 5:18PM
  • Really like your eye for everday subjects and compositions....a pleasure to view.

  • Some excellent images from Mali and India etc, the landscapes arn't bad either ;^) Just had to add to fav's so I dont miss any in the future. Thnx for sharing