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A quick view of woodrow's recent activity.

  • Monan or MOANan?? by MrsS

    Nice image, there isn't much manoeuvre space on top!
    • 25 Feb 2017 10:30AM
  • Between The Rains by pmorgan

    yeh..........a lot of work gone into this one Paul

    well done

    • 6 Nov 2012 9:17AM
  • Allt A Mhaim by jeanie

    very nice Jeanie
    • 19 Oct 2012 7:47PM
  • Up wind by Mari

    i have no idea where this is taken but its lovely......simply it shows all that is lovely about 'light' something that many have forgotten about

    well done
    • 17 Oct 2012 7:28PM
  • Alone In A Stroke by paulashby

    Paul.....this is a touching image, especially given your personal connection

    i have contact (limited) with people who have experienced strokes

    the inclusion of the empty chair creates a powerful image

    my best wishes to your father and yourself

    • 24 Aug 2012 1:03PM
  • 'Connected' by ahphotography

    this is impressive Grin
    • 23 Jul 2012 9:45PM
  • Elgol by Pete

    A strong mono image Pete with a superb composition

    Also good to see something different from this location

    • 22 Jun 2012 10:55PM
  • Posted on: Six Top ePz Members Who Shoot Landscapes

    John is top of the list i reckon
    • 24 Aug 2012 12:43PM
  • Posted on: Canon Unveils The Master Compact

    impressive......dust sealing?
    • 9 Jan 2012 6:38PM
  • Posted on: Pentax 645D gets UK launch

    at that price, sign me up for two!

    seriously, this is a large sensor and if it has weather sealing will be an impressive platform

    • 20 Sep 2010 5:41PM
  • Posted on: Lee launch the Big Stopper

    interesting price for glass, i have a pro glass 3stop that costs the same, i would imagine the product is resin based at that price?

    even if it has IR issues, it will sell, it will fit my lee holder and open a number of possibilities

    i cant wait

    • 5 Mar 2010 2:04PM
  • Posted on: Photography debate reaches the House of Lords

    i fear photograhic licensing or some other scheme? I despair; the only good thing is that it would provide clear guidance (upto date) for the Police instead of a range of variable responses that we currently here about.

    • 26 Jul 2008 10:27PM
  • Posted on: Thinking of converting to Apple?

    when you have a mac, you will never want to switch on a pc again.........

    remember, a mac can do more that a pc, faster and just oozes XXX
    • 24 Aug 2007 11:16PM
  • Posted on: Free Capture NX with D200

    meant to say: 'why it isn't bundled......'
    • 22 Jun 2007 2:32PM
  • Posted on: Free Capture NX with D200

    why it is bundled with D200 in box is a mystery to me, body is an investment and if Nikon want lock in then they should provide software from start.

    I suspect that Nikon software is losing market share since launch of Lightroom.

    I bought my body back in april, no chance of getting it free i think.......

    • 22 Jun 2007 1:54PM

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  • Posted on AngieLatham's profile

    a comprehensive range of quality images with light to dream of....what a pleasure to look through Angie.........your images of the highlands are something to aspire to

    nice one

    • 26 Mar 2011 5:52PM
  • Posted on kitsch's profile

    for what its worth you have one of the most impressive galleries on epz

    i enjoy the range/depth and imagination of your work

    lighting is delicate and clearly well thought out

    impressive stuff

    • 7 Dec 2010 1:42PM
  • Posted on jools59's profile

    you have worked hard here, impressive range of work

    i watch with interest!

    • 10 Sep 2010 2:27PM
  • Posted on NeilM's profile

    very impressive, a lot of quality images

    • 27 Feb 2010 9:05PM
  • Posted on jools59's profile

    very impressive pf......
    • 27 Feb 2010 9:32AM
  • Posted on Hoffy's profile

    different and unique, a delight to view and much to learn from

    top stuff Paul
    • 19 Sep 2009 8:57PM
  • Posted on Adrian_Reynolds's profile

    an impressive range of subjects that depict the Shetland Isles very well, high quality images, presented well

    very good work

    • 14 Aug 2009 9:21AM
  • Posted on BreadandShutter's profile

    i am way impressed, emotive images that are beautifully presented

    • 20 Jul 2009 10:01AM
  • Posted on BreadandShutter's profile

    i am impressed by the breadth and quality of your work, i have such a long way to go! lol

    each image oozes quality; like the website, simple and cool music - works well

    • 20 Jun 2009 9:46AM
  • Posted on Tonyd3's profile

    outstanding quality and variety; i have totally enjoyed the last 30mins or so just looking thro your pf

    • 12 May 2009 10:41PM
  • Posted on katieb's profile

    so lovely, many nice images here, like the feeling of space that your work conveys

    well done

    Paul Smile
    • 6 Mar 2009 8:52PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    absolutely amazing, a pf that shown a tremendous determination, skill and passion


    • 25 Feb 2009 10:58PM
  • Posted on digipix76's profile

    simply stunning...
    • 8 Jan 2009 11:39AM
  • Posted on sut68's profile

    very impressive work here, lots to look through, you have clearly mastered many disciplines of photography, not just landscape

    a firm favourite from now on


    • 10 Nov 2008 11:48AM
  • Posted on NexusImages's profile


    Paul Smile

    and your profile pic - i am speechless!
    • 29 Oct 2008 7:41PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    simply stunning, oozes quality

    • 24 Sep 2008 12:43AM
  • Posted on JohnnyGraham's profile

    impressive work John, you have many fine images here


    • 22 Sep 2008 8:35PM
  • Posted on NickParry's profile

    very impressive

    • 28 Aug 2008 12:16AM
  • Posted on Chriscj's profile

    impressive work here

    • 12 Aug 2008 3:25PM
  • Posted on NexusImages's profile

    lots of great work here, like it lots

    one for the favourites - look forward to more uploads

    • 7 Aug 2008 10:22AM
  • Posted on imagio's profile


    there is excellent work, not only in composition but, the pictures (people) tell a story that will be time less

    inspiring work

    • 10 Jul 2008 7:54PM
  • Posted on emmaloutaylor's profile

    Hello Emma

    i came across your pf by chance (in a thread from somebody else), the pf is easy to see and is of very high quality in both composition and lighting, processing is first rate

    very, well done

    • 23 May 2008 11:21PM
  • Posted on sparklep's profile

    what a wonderful collection of pictures - really lovely, i will come back and look often

    • 21 Apr 2008 12:10AM
  • Posted on plugin's profile

    tremendous work, lots of effort and great images

    • 7 Apr 2008 11:24AM
  • Posted on ejtumman's profile

    Hi Emma

    flower pics are sublime, very simple composition, well lit and oozing with quaility

    • 20 Jan 2008 5:44PM
  • Posted on User_Removed's profile

    Dave there are so many wonderful pictures here..

    One word - Inspirational

    • 10 Dec 2007 7:27PM
  • Posted on pmorgan's profile


    one word: 'Inspirational'

    • 23 Nov 2007 12:04PM
  • Posted on Phil_Restan's profile

    have only just discovered your portofio - you have been busy!! lovely captures of special places

    interestingly i too am from south wales (originally) and now in the Highlands..

    • 1 Oct 2007 9:02AM
  • Posted on katieb's profile

    Hi Kate,

    never been to Norfolk area but images are stunning, lots of effort and hard work - much inspiration for me

    • 1 Jul 2007 12:18AM
  • Posted on Mari's profile

    lots of great pics Mari, certainly brings back memories of south wales

    • 22 Jun 2007 9:06PM

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