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Hi, thanks for lookin' any help welcome. (Needed)
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A quick view of X5DJM's recent activity.

  • Cheetahs of Kenya

    Great capture and like what you've done with it, Cheetahs are my fav of the big cats..
    Nice one...
    • 1 Mar 2009 11:15PM
  • 500

    Gratz on 500, keep them coming.
    Great to see them this close, like your use of B/W and the contrast is spot on.
    Nice one..
    • 22 Feb 2009 9:24PM
  • Young Ones

    Thanks all, really hoping I can back out there again soon.
    • 20 Feb 2009 8:34PM
  • Green

    The thumbnail looked inviting and now opened the greens are wonderful.

    Quote:Its a great shot but if you had put into black background it would of really made it stand out.


    black border would work well, but a love the work you've done on this..
    Nice one...
    • 17 Feb 2009 10:37PM
  • ERosanne

    Love the tones and great detail.
    Nice one..
    • 16 Feb 2009 10:56PM
  • Does my bum look big

    You've caught the snow so well.
    Nice one...
    • 12 Feb 2009 7:33PM
  • lion

    Wonderful shot.
    • 8 Feb 2009 5:22PM
  • thanks for the comment, if you'rd like to see how close the cub got to those in the landrover view the other shot in my portfolio.
  • Thanks for your comments, Yes the Cheetahs are those featured by Jonathen Scott in last years BBC shoot. He was out there 4 weeks after we were, it was great to see them on the TV. As for you and your photography just keep clicking from what you've shown so far, you have the ideas, that's the most important bit.
    • Posted on Bigp's profile
    • 13 Jan 2006 8:48AM
  • Thanks , I think it's a long-tailed magpie shrike, shot in Kenya last year. X5DJM
  • Hi Lou, love the idea of this comment box. I'm prob thick and old but can't work out how to get one for myself. Oh Love the header too.
    • Posted on Lou41's profile
    • 14 Dec 2005 8:14AM
  • Merry Christmas to you and yours, Have a great holiday and fun 2006. All the best DJM
  • Hi Kim, hope you had a good Christmas, looking forward to seeing some new shots, things very busy at work my end, I can't wait to get out with my camera again, keep them coming.. David.
  • love what you've done with the Zebra's, thanks for your comments, if you'rd like to see how close the lad in the cab got to one of the cubs, there's an other shot in my portfolio.