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Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio Smile
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  • Episode 26

    I've now almost completed my portable lighting kit. It's based on two old Minolta 5400HS flashguns (adjustable from Full to 1/32 power) with Dynax adapters, two small Jessops flashguns (full power only but the GN is about 11 so they might come in han...0

    10 Nov 2009 12:26PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 25

    I have a tendency to get excited to the point of mania when I find someone who inspires me. Well I'm certainly excited at the prospect of doing more shoots with young model Brett Shannen Deadman. I can honestly say that every model I've worked wit...0

    27 Oct 2009 11:00AM  |  Read


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  • Episode 24

    I was in my local Jessops store yesterday, ear-wigging as an assistant explained to a potential customer the virtues of the 50mm prime lens. Alas she then went on to explain how you wouldn't want to use a zoom lens, especially a wide one up to 200mm ...0

    17 Oct 2009 7:43PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 23

    My attempt to piece together a battery powered highly portable flash kit is becomming quite an adventure. What I thought was going to be the last component arrived yesterday after a two week haul from China. It consisted of two short cables with PC-s...0

    9 Oct 2009 11:14AM  |  Read


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  • Episode 22

    It had to happen sooner or later. Until very recently, I only ever sent out edited photos to the models I worked with. This year I thought I would trial a new system. 6 models over the past few months have been sent a preview disc featuring most of t...0

    2 Oct 2009 11:37AM  |  Read


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  • Episode 21

    I recently spent my second day in the studio with a new model called Lee. When Lee's shoot was over it was Ruby's turn and we played with the studio's ringflash which was fun. I've now added some angle brackets and white brollies to my portable f...0

    17 Sep 2009 8:30PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 20

    I finally got round to doing my first ever studio shoot yesterday. Unfortunately Ruby was not able to attend as she is still away touring Europe so it was just me and three models: Lucy, Sophie and Holly. We had the place to ourselves for the whole d...0

    27 Aug 2009 7:54PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 19

    Things seem to be moving forwards at the moment albeit slowly. On Wednesday Ruby and I travelled to Gravesend to do a test shoot with a lovely young model called Chelsea. Despite the weather being a bit dull Chelsea did extremely well. It was her fir...0

    11 Jul 2009 8:30PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 18

    Well it had to happen, didn't it. I've been upstaged by the wife. While I was doing the snowbound shoot with Ruby, Jean came along to snap a few photos of the snow. As is her habbit she also grabbed a candid shot of me and Ruby as we scouted the loca...0

    22 Jun 2009 12:12AM  |  Read


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  • Episode 17

    After a slow start to the year, things are now getting busy. This is partly due to me gradually setting up a new business - finalising what services I'm going to offer at the moment and costing everything. Ruby is also starting her own business (as a...0

    16 Jun 2009 6:43PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 16

    My reasons for abandoning Pentax amounted to more than a simple focussing issue. Having made the decision to move into the professional arena (and if possible, do it on my own terms) I sat down and thought long and hard about what I will (and can) ta...0

    8 May 2009 8:02PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 15

    They say that a bad workman always blames his tools so, not wishing to appear a bad workman, I convinced myself that the number of out of focus photos I was getting was my fault - the result of a somewhat relaxed technique. So I tried harder in a del...0

    24 Apr 2009 2:09PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 14

    I managed to do my second shoot of the year on Sunday. It was a struggle given the miserable weather at the time but Holly put up with the wind, rain and cold so we could get something out of the day. Holly jinxed it on the drive down to Brighton, wh...0

    12 Mar 2009 12:47PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 13

    So there I was, with the wife, sitting at home watching Gone in 60 Seconds when this car turns up in the car park outside the flats where we live and bursts into flame. Shows how dedicated a photographer I am that I didn't even think about taking any...0

    6 Feb 2009 2:21PM  |  Read


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  • Episode 12

    Well, I got off to a slow start this year with no shoots in January. Never mind. First up in 2009 is Ruby in the snow :-) You can't count on snow in Sussex so you just have to do something with it when it arrives. Anyway, I'll post a few more pics fr...0

    3 Feb 2009 1:20PM  |  Read


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