Episode 10


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Episode 10

23 Oct 2008 8:43PM   Views : 357 Unique : 287

Well all my plans for the Summer got trashed, mostly due to poor health. I still feel like crap most days and I still don't know why. My computer came out in sympathy and just died on me. There was smoke and a bad smell at any rate...from the computer that is.

When you're fighting depression and goodness knows what else it's maybe not the best time to try building a PC. Or 3. It gets confusing. Things get deleted and over-written and the upshot was I lost two complete sets of photos - everything except a few 1000 pixel versions and the 600 pixel stuff I post elsewhere. Yes I lost the original files, the working PSD files and all the back-ups. It had to be two of my favourite sets (Liv's Bluebell set and Holly's Stripes set). I made a few trips to the local amenity tip and came pretty close to tossing the camera in with all the other junk. But that didn't seem fair. It wasn't the camera's fault. So I took some pills and didn't feel any better. Neither did Jean who's condition has deteriorated with all the stress. Our already difficult situation was not helped (yet again) by our housing association so I refuse to talk to them anymore Smile

But...I thought I'd keep going for a while. See how long it lasts this time. I managed a shoot with Holly. I'm doing one tomorrow with Sophie and there's another one probably within a week or two with Ruby. What else remains to be seen. I'm down to about 2 hours max for a shoot now. With the weather getting cold and no studio to work in I don't think I'll be getting much done photographically speaking.

I'll save the bulk of the good news for Epidode 11 although I'm not sure the word 'bulk' is entirely appropriate. Anyway, I've got some catching up to do with all the photos that have been added since the beginning of August.

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Coleslaw 15 13.4k 28 Wales
23 Oct 2008 8:52PM
hang in there....things will get better.
best wishes
xanda 16 244 2 United Kingdom
23 Oct 2008 8:54PM
Thank you, Cole Smile
Pete Plus
19 18.8k 97 England
24 Oct 2008 8:05AM
Sad to read. I hope you get through this bad patch, you're a talented photographer and someone who's presence I've always liked around ePHOTOzine. As Cole says, hang on in!
LisaRose 14 172 4 United States
24 Oct 2008 8:20AM
Sorry you are going through such a rough time, I hope things turn around for you soon. As I told you back in 2006, You do some amazing work, and I am still a huge fan.

Lisa x
xanda 16 244 2 United Kingdom
24 Oct 2008 8:02PM
Thank you, Pete. I've always been happy to be a part of this site and it often feels like a second home! Cheers Smile

Thank you, Lisa. I've been lucky to work with some amazing people who I'm sure don't realise just how amazing they are. Sophie, Hannah, Ruby, Holly, Anna and Liz in particular have been a great support to both me and my wife so all the while I can hold a camera and point it in the right direction, I'll keep going. Cheers Smile
webjam 16 292 11 Netherlands
26 Oct 2008 10:06PM
It is hard when everything works against you. And now the cold winter is approaching it is hard to keep standing. Hope you find ways to manage it though!

About PC maintenance: I keep a log (written on paper) when I do things like installing new software or changing workflows and using different folders. I just put them in a folder and when things go wrong I can get back to my written notes.

As soon as I have downloaded pictures from my memory cards to the hard disk (and deleted the bad ones), I make backups on DVD's.
But you just remembered me to back up the psd files as well.... Thank you!

BTW, outdoors is an enourmous studio... Or maybe you could find hallways, alleys, and other public places to shoot?
Keep on hangin in there! In the end it is just a matter of continueing breathing...

xanda 16 244 2 United Kingdom
27 Oct 2008 11:54AM
Thank you, Jacqueline. If nothing else the computer problems highlighted a shortcoming in my back-up procedure which relied on me copying all the files to a second physical harddrive on a second machine. The (clearly inadequate) system fell down because I started using the second machine for editing (so the pics got loaded onto that machine from the SD cards) when the first began exhibiting problems. The total failure of the first machine and the introduction of a third machine just complicated things and thinking I had everything backed-up I started not just to reformat but to over-write. The loss affected 5 sets but the original files were still on the SD cards for three of them - one had been reformatted but I managed to retrieve them with some free software.

I now document the entire process from shoot to finish and back-up everything on two machines and a DVD Smile

Looks like the great outdoors will have to be my studio for a while. It's served me pretty well so far so I'm not complaining lol. I am lucky in the sense that some of the people I work with are able to offer indoor locations.

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