Episode 7


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Episode 7

17 Jul 2008 4:13PM   Views : 222 Unique : 197

I go on quite a lot about not directing models and I started to think again about why that is. To be honest I think about most things more than is strictly necessary and some things to the point of obsession. I am obsessed.

I have tried, as much as possible, to remove my influence from the shoot itself. This is not laziness on my part or a lack of imagination. Primarily my interest has been in the models as people rather than as objects. Who are they and what are they about? How do they choose to present themselves to the camera? I think sometimes this has been slightly (or completely) misunderstood. I spend most of my time during the shoot just chatting with the subject.

It can take time to find a connection, and even when it’s there from the start, it still takes time to fully understand that connection and its limits. I need to know these limits because they will determine what I can and cannot achieve with that particular model. I favour those models with whom I feel I have a connection. It makes sense and should be fairly obvious. They are not necessarily the models with whom I have taken my best photos…but they will be. Of that I am absolutely sure.

Now then, I believe that an honest pornographer is always preferable to a furtive pervert but both are capable of genius. Yes, my tongue is in my cheek. I asked one model why she thought so many male photographers (in particular) wanted to do ‘glamour’ and nudes. It was her experience that many just like to be in the same room as a sexy (preferably naked) woman. I thought this was a bit sad but it certainly rang true. I asked about a photographer she worked with on a regular basis. ‘He’s a pervert,’ she said. “Really?” I said. “Oh, yes. A total pervert.” I thought for a moment and asked, “why do you work with him then?” She smiled and said, “he takes good photos.”

I am not a photographer from the ‘sex it up, Baby’ school of ‘glamour’. I only want nudity or sexually provocative poses in my photos if these things come naturally from the model: she can sex it up if she likes – I’m not going to complain Smile

More than once I have let the model dictate which photos are used, even though I have a signed release. I once removed some photos from my website that a model had originally approved (she liked them) and then waited more than 6 months for her to re-approve them when she finally got a new boyfriend. Other photographers have told me I’m crazy to do this. I don’t think so. I spend time building relationships of trust. Maintaining that trust occasionally means a frustrating amount of diplomacy. I’m still in touch with the model in question. I like her a great deal – we clicked from the very first moment – and I sincerely hope to work with her again at some point in the future Smile

There are themes and ideas that I will soon begin to explore (a year later than I had intended). What I really want, in conclusion, is the model’s personal interpretation of those themes and ideas. I want her response to them, her reaction. I want to capture something extraordinary.

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