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Hi! Thanks for taking a look at my portfolio Smile
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  • Episode 11

    I guess this is as good a place as any to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! My thoughts, like those of many on EPZ, go out to Pete and his family. Let's hope he makes a full and speedy recovery :-) * I doubt I'll be ...

    24 Dec 2008 6:24PM | Read


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  • Episode 10

    Well all my plans for the Summer got trashed, mostly due to poor health. I still feel like crap most days and I still don't know why. My computer came out in sympathy and just died on me. There was smoke and a bad smell at any rate...from the compute...

    23 Oct 2008 8:43PM | Read


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  • Episode 9

    I started planning the first shoots for the book project yesterday with Ruby. These should begin during the week 18th-24th August and will be location shoots. We're checking out the 3 proposed locations on the 18th so fingers crossed. One of the shoo...

    5 Aug 2008 11:53AM | Read


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  • Episode 8

    It's been a tricky couple of months and I haven't done as many shoots as I had planned for the Summer but never mind. I did manage one yesterday with Sophie (Love de Carvalho). We found a derelict shed (or something) and spent a couple of hours takin...

    2 Aug 2008 8:30PM | Read


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  • Episode 7

    I go on quite a lot about not directing models and I started to think again about why that is. To be honest I think about most things more than is strictly necessary and some things to the point of obsession. I am obsessed. I have tried, as much a...

    17 Jul 2008 4:13PM | Read


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  • Episode 6

    One of my most lasting impressions from this morning's little hospital adventure was of the radiographer. I relate this because, after all, a radiographer is a kind of photographer. Having by the radiologist and nurse, the lights...

    16 Jul 2008 1:25PM | Read


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  • Episode 5

    I've spent most of today preparing for my trip to Crawley Hospital. It's one of those things you just have to do: following the instructions to the letter. I'm not going into details here but if anyone else has ever been acquainted with 'Picolax'...y...

    15 Jul 2008 8:38PM | Read


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  • Episode 4

    Well there's nothing like health problems to get in the way of what you really want to do. I've been out of action for most of the past month and still don't have a diagnosis. I've got another test at Crawley Hospital this week so I'm looking forward...

    14 Jul 2008 6:15PM | Read


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  • Episode 3

    Having finished working on photos from Holly's shoot at West Wittering, today I'll be working mostly on photos I took of Sakura for a couple of clothing companies. These were shot early one morning at a skate park in Burgess Hill. Actually, all three...

    16 Jun 2008 11:45AM | Read


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  • Episode 2

    If you read the first episode you'll know where I'm coming from (so to speak) and where I hope to go. I'll continue in a journalistic manner and throw in bits and pieces of just about anything as the fancy takes me. Having seen the doctor on Wedne...

    14 Jun 2008 7:41PM | Read


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  • Episode 1

    Arranging shoots has never been easy - I'm lucky if I get to do them at all. Life gets in the way. Somehow, despite all the stress, they get done and as time passes my portfolio (I was going to say 'oeuvre' but it's such a silly sounding word) gets b...

    12 Jun 2008 12:12PM | Read


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