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Thanks for visiting XenPhoto AKA Zen-Art Smile

Semi-professional Female photographer always learning and developing and seeking constant improvement in the quality of my work. Any suggestions, critiques and comments on my work are very welcomed x
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  • Gothic Elegance by Xenphoto

    It did feel a *little* like intruding on her Ladyship..
    • 13 Mar 2015 11:24AM
  • Awesome Allex by Xenphoto

    Lol! There can't be too many people who have seen Allex from above...
    • 10 Dec 2014 12:40PM
  • Awesome Allex by Xenphoto

    Totally agree, she is just so easy to photograph. She was rather keen to wear this tutu too-too.
    • 10 Dec 2014 12:36PM
  • Sparkly Spirals by Xenphoto

    Thankyou Smile
    • 2 Sep 2014 9:12PM
  • Burning Knots by Xenphoto

    Torch is a very good idea! Never even thought, I've just been struggling with focussing in low light, although with the Olympus having an actual screen rather than my old Nikon viewfinder, I've been finding it easier Tongue And focus rack? Looked it up - I'm still balancing the camera on varying thicknesses of books and sliding things around on the table!
    • 2 Sep 2014 9:11PM
  • Flames of Desire by Xenphoto

    I see what you mean - it'd add a bit of extra 'pop' to where the eye is drawn. The composition does bother me a little, I feel as though there should be more foreground and less flame...
    • 2 Sep 2014 9:08PM
  • Waiting for Nowhere by Xenphoto

    Only just seen these comments - apologies!

    I found this quite hard to balance as it was rather sunny and bright too, so I'm pleased it's easy on the eye, thank you!

    Might have just encouraged me to go out with my camera more Smile
    • 30 Aug 2014 5:25PM

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  • Posted on focused-photography's profile

    Nice to find you here! Love seeing your work Smile

    Xen (AKA Model Zenith)
    • 19 Nov 2011 10:08PM

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