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  • I have been using the CIS system on all my printers for around four years. Brilliant money saving system but would not recommend for professional use.
  • Hi Mozzy,

    I have the book titled The HDR BOOK Unlocking the Secrets. Covers everything you need. It's in PDF so if you want it just message me. You can have it for 5. the link to the Amazon page is below for you to check it out.

  • The main thing you need to focus on is insurance. Other than that you should have no problems. I spend two months a year in Turkey and have never had a problem with the heat, cold or rain. Yes it does get cold and when it rains it really, really rains. The togs over there use exactly the same equipment as everyone else in the world but I bet they have better insurance than most others. One other thing to remember, have a good time and enjoy the experience of a Turkish wedding.
  • Hi Peter,

    I am certified in Photoshop so if any of the above find it a little tricky just let me know here or by email and I will sort it for you.
    Good luck
  • Thought there would be more takers for this. The site has been live for four days and already AOL has purchased it from the guys who set it up. I have made money from it already so go for it.
  • Can't knock it if its free can you.
  • HI,

    I have recently joined a site where you get a free about me web page (bio page). You advertise yourself and services and you can set links to anything you wish. It is totally free of charge and I think it could go as big as facebook (maybe) in the future. Below is a link to the page I have created. Check it out and try both the links on my page to give you an idea of how this page could promote you and your business.

    Good luck and get in there before your name goes.