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'iya all im a new member so i haven't got many pictures at the moment, but ill keep loading more! hope you like my pictures x
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  • More Of The Same by FatHandedChap

    Admore the foggy/ smokey texture & colours of the sea!
    Jen xx
    • 16 Jan 2009 9:54AM
  • Shell found on beach by jeffleskay

    im afraid as i know little technical terms i cant congratulate you that way on your picture, however i can just say that its a gorgeous picture! (: all i can say realy is that youve captured it beautifully (:
    Jen x x
    • 11 Oct 2008 1:11AM
  • kiwi fizz by jacquienewsham

    really nice! quite a orginal modernised picture... if that makes any sense! :o)
    Jen x x
    • 2 Jul 2008 8:51PM
  • Red, Gold & Green by adrian2208

    great spoting! love that livid green colour!
    Jen x x
    • 1 Jul 2008 10:00PM
  • Lazing around by Happyhamster

    that is one realy nice picture! how did you get that close!?! hehe
    Jen x x
    • 30 Jun 2008 8:20PM
  • New Brighton by angupe

    loving the different shades of one colour you have caught!
    Jen x x
    • 23 Jun 2008 10:14PM
  • clamatus by jhm

    love the colours!!
    Jen x x
    • 23 Jun 2008 10:10PM
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  • Posted on Davidmet's profile


    Your pf is outstanding,
    Touch down is such a sweet active picture!

    Ages ago you comment on my sunrise picture and gave me some advice about what software 2 download to be able to sharpen it, iv only just got round to downloading it & i would just like to thank you for the advice you gave me and the software is working a treat Smile

    Jen xx
    • 1 Apr 2008 2:50PM
  • Posted on MrsS's profile


    just looking at your pictures and i think that they are fabulous!!!

    thank you very much for commenting on 2 of my picture now! =D please could u tell me [if you have the time] how i can delete and replace pictures??

    thank again!

    Jenny~Shea xxx
    • 1 Aug 2007 3:47PM
  • Posted on Davidmet's profile

    wow! your pictures are stunning! you are an inspration to me im only 15.

    thank you for the comment on my photo and i sorter feel priveleged that you tryed to help me! however, i dont have software with pictures stuff i have standard picture manger mirosoft thing.

    thank you sooo much again and if you ever fell the need to give anyone any hints feel free to leave me a comment!!!!!!!!

    thanks again

    Jenny x
    • 9 Jul 2007 9:27PM

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