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Hello, and welcome!

Photography has always been my hobby, but because I turned 30, I thought that maybe it's time to start doing something I really like and earn a living from it.

I hope to have the discipline to be able to achieve it.

I don't click any images that I don't like. I leave comments when I feel the image could be improved, or simply to praise an excellent photo. I hate click-ping-pong. If I don't comment, don't take it the wrong way - sometimes I'm too busy to leave one.

I upload images that I personally like and not to please the masses, otherwise I wouldn't do it.

I'm not worried about the amount of clicks I get on my images - the ones that do click, hopefully, follow the same logic that I do.

I value comments more than clicks.

I have a few favourite togs on this site, and I regularly visit their p'folios, simply because (to me) their work is beyond the average.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.

"Photography is the visual Esperanto"


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