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Hi Everyone, Welcome to my Portfolio,
I'm experimenting quite a lot with lenses & techniques...basically having FUN with photography.
I welcome any and all constructive comments, that can promote my growth and learning as a photographer.
I hope you enjoy my photos.
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  • Posted on: Canon EOS 250D Review

    Seems to me it is sort of stupid to compare it to a mirror-less camera. the rest of the cons that they listed seem to be more personal in nature then anything else

    Only 9 AF points when using OVF
    Slow continuous shooting in comparison to mirrorless cameras
    No built-in panoramic shooting mode
    Could be quicker access to controls

    While it might be nice to have more AF points, we seem to forget that we have had 9 AF point for a long long time and yet have somehow managed to get some great shots. God forbid that it doesn't have built-in panoramic mode...... just the same as many of Canon's Cameras didn't have prior to it. It is not a mirrorless camera so stop comparing it to one. If you want a mirrorless camera then buy one.... For what it is and was designed for, and for the money it sells for it fits the bill. If you want more control or something fancier then buy it.....

    • 1 May 2019 7:58PM

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