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Welcome to my portfolio! Hope you enjoy viewing.

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  • Wisteria by younchin

    Thank you everyone for the comments regarding the exposure, colour temperature and composition elements. The mods are particularly helpful in demonstrating the points made. I downloaded and viewed side by side with the original and can see the improvements.
    I've learnt quite many things from this exercise. Among all that, the background distracting elements has always being big challenge, particularly with this second post, the angle chosen made it a bit harder to exclude a lot of elements. Also, in future, I probably would be more willing using a tripod to make a detailed study first before pressing the button. That may have help from cutting off the top branch.
    Thank you again.

    Youn Chin
    • 10 Sep 2015 4:29PM
  • craggwildlife by craggwildlifephotography

    Beautiful shot with great background!

    Youn Chin
    • 7 Jul 2014 12:36PM
  • The Mausoleum by GillyB

    Beautiful composition, the pale green leaves in the foreground and the proportion of the two sizes make it very picturesque!

    youn chin
    • 29 May 2012 1:20PM
  • Kestrel......................... by KBan

    Fantastic color tone and what a great shot!
    youn chin
    • 29 May 2012 1:13PM
  • On the hunt by pronature

    Great inflight shot of a beautiful bird!

    Youn Chin
    • 27 Mar 2012 11:40AM
  • Leah again by yosemite

    Beautiful shot of a lovely model. I'd also love to see shoot at f/2.8, if still possible.

    Youn Chin
    • 24 Mar 2012 2:42AM
  • Greenfinch by Ade_Osman

    Beautiful shot of spring, Ade. The background colour also matches perfectly.

    Youn Chin
    • 24 Mar 2012 1:32AM
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  • If the Neanderthals had won????

    "could it be a high element of Neanderthal lineage that attracts certain photographers to large white lenses?" Some correlation with white sticks, I think. jas
    by StrayCat | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 22
  • Whats the deal with landscapes?

    Thanks Keith. Put better than I could but in essence what I meant. I was going to hold up Ericfarager as an example of this, he's distinctly himself and you can immitate ...
    by wolf666 | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 131
  • Just received Nikon 50mm f1.8

    Agreed. For the money its a bargain. The only problem is it makes you realise how soft zooms can be :o( my 18-70mm lens pales when compared to the 50mm prime..... ...
    by crfrstgmp | Last Post | Unread
    Replies: 7
  • Posted on: New EC law forces Hasselblad to discontinue XPan camera

    I think this is just another example of pitfalls for a monopoly position: allowing them pricing too high to be out of reach of ordinary forks result in a smaller pool of enthusiasts, lack of competition and complacency that make them even reluntant to redesign with non-lead!
    • 25 Mar 2006 4:06PM
  • Posted on: OpenRAW survey aims to establish a standardised Raw image format for photographers

    Agree with OpenRaw.orgs initiatives and strongly think EPZ should support it, representing end users interests.
    I think it is a very timely issue to be tackled with a standard body, as the digital imaging technology is relative mature particularly in the optical sensors and recording devices and size of storage is less of an issue. As an end user looking for higher qualities in images, most of us may have ended up shooting in raw lots of time. Also, we're on the verge of a booming era for digital imagery it is important to address some of the real issues that OpenRaw.org has raised for wider awareness.
    It is true that we already have many standards for imaging such as jpeg, tiff, etc. But, these standards do not address directly the raw recording. For example, to render in jpeg, my camera will have to do quite a bit of processing from sensors data to jpeg specifications. Common sense tells me that the CPU inside my current camera may not have as high numerical precision when comparing to the CPU in my laptop PC. No wonder we are able to get much better qualities out from shooting RAW, and afterward, do the converting to jpeg or others on a laptop. Raw files also provide higher post-processing flexibilities. These are just some of the main reasons for shooting raw.
    As users of cameras, we all would want to have full control and proprietary over the images recorded from our shooting. We feel it is our right to be able to get to every bit of data recorded by the cameras, either by ourselves (if youre a computer nerd! Grin) or other 3rd parties who will be able to provide tools for us to do so. For that to happen, the camera makers will have to make public the specification of format used in recording to the raw file. What could be better to have a open standard?
    • 3 Feb 2006 5:58PM
  • Posted on: Nikon to axe most of 35mm product range

    Regarding 35mm lenses, does it mean that "ALL the auto-focus lenses are still going to be continued or even upgraded". As all these AF lenses are stll capable of manual focus, I can't see any lost for 35mm users.
    • 12 Jan 2006 3:49AM

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  • Posted on andrewrit's profile

    Excellent work, nicely done!
    Wishing you a happy new year!
    • 1 Jan 2008 4:26AM
  • Posted on highlander's profile

    Hi Doug,
    You've a most remarkable portfolio, full of great photos, always a joy to view them especially the large versions. I'm sure, they will remain as all time classic and inspirational.
    • 22 Feb 2006 2:10AM
  • Posted on GillyB's profile

    A great portfolio, very inspirational! It has been great to take time to look at all the large versions.
    • 21 Feb 2006 3:55AM
  • Posted on nolongeramember's profile

    You've an impressive collection of beautiful works and they're very artistic and high quality. A very inspirational personality!
    Also, thanks for the comments and seasonal greeting, I hope you had a marvelous seasonal break!
    • 21 Jan 2006 9:30PM

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