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Thanks for looking, feel free to make a comment, good or great i don't mind. Ive shown you mine i might come and have a look at yours.
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  • Mmmm, monkey nuts!

    Choosing aperture priority isn't the best option.
    Animals which have fast twitching movements like your squirell require fast shutter speeds even if you have to up the ISO .Try 500th/sec as an experiment and focus on the eye nearest you. Shooting on shutter speed is essential to get sharp focus, blurring of the background can be done with PS but shutter speed is King on these type of images.
    If they're in your garden then you can keep going back, trying different speeds, keep off Auto. The camera doesn't know if it's taking a snap of a static ornament or a critter with very fast eye twitches.
    Hope that helps I'll look back in a week Wink
    • 4 May 2012 4:26PM
  • Swan on Ellesmere

    Good capture. I wouldn't worry about the burnt out area at the back, sometimes it can't be helped. The important thing is you noticed the shot and the exposure of the more important bits is good.
    Dave has mentioned the crop and his mod has improved the image, it was a good point to mention leaving some area to the left for the swan to swim into.
    Looking closely at the image I can see white spots at intervals, don't know what they are but they can be cloned or cleaned up in software...well done
    • 5 Jan 2012 10:46AM
  • general

    Unfortunately using an iPad I cannot upload a mod.
    The image as it is is a little soft and flat. Your camera settings look good.
    All that's left to do is add some fill in light to the darker foliage to bring out the green and finish with some sharpening. I've done a mod which transforms the image but cannot upload...
    • 4 Jan 2012 12:06AM
  • Veg

    The mod to the colours is much better. Another light shining down from the front to bring out the reflection on the right will finish it off nicely
    • 3 Jan 2012 11:45PM
  • Peep oh!

    Normally a stairway leads the eye to something interesting but when i finally reach the top to see what is there i find a white wall which is rather disappointing.
    I think you were right to add your wife to the scene in this instance, she adds to the image.
    This type of image can be adjusted no end in photoshop to add artistic merit. I would just add a bit more vibrancy to the blues.
    The family will love this image when you're both 100. Grin
    • 3 Jan 2012 11:39PM
  • Its my stick, find your own

    Having a dog when you are just starting out in photography is great. Getting pin sharp focus on the eye is challenging and will take lots of practice. But at least you have a willing subject at hand.
    Firstly concentrate on shutter speed above all else before moving on to aperture priority.
    Two things that introduce unsharp images are camera movement and subject movement. You have to cancel out both using a faster shutter speed.
    The dog is quite still but I would still choose a minimum of 1/125 speed just for its small movements, then there is your focal length of 300mm. To counteract camera shake on a crop sensor camera like yours you need to add at least 1/300 to 1/500 speed added to the 1/125.
    You finally end up with a speed above 1/500 sec.
    If your lens smallest aperture is the one you had it set at which was f5.6 you would have to have your ISO set to 1600 which would have allowed about 1/700 shutter speed. The image would have more noise but a sharp image should always be priority, noise can be tackled but blur cannot.
    The next step is to find more light at the time of shooting so you can use a higher shutter speed with a smaller ISO setting. Or use a smaller focal length. At 70mm you could have shot at 1/250 at ISO 100 and the noise free image cropped for the same image
    I hope the critique is understandable, keep going, and keep that speed up.
    • 3 Jan 2012 11:23PM
  • mother& baby watervole

    Ahh bless them?
    Looking at your exif data jeani you have used shutter speed as your priority. Using 1/125 is a bit risky, this has given an aperture of f8 and ISO 400.
    As your subject from front to back is a small distance f8 is overkill and it is reducing your light reaching the sensor. I would like to see f2.8 used which would give 1/500 shutter speed or allowed you to shoot at 1/250 at ISO 100
    An image stabilised lense only helps tackle camera shake, it won't help if the subject is moving at all. Luckily your subject is pretty still.
    You could have used 1/250 Shutter speed at f4 and ISO 200 this would give a much better file by using less ISO and the doubling of the shutter speed will give a sharper image.
    I hope this is a usefull critique to you, feel free to reply if you want any explanations, I don't know your Level of experience but you are going in the right direction....Regards
    • 3 Jan 2012 10:44PM
  • This is a great PF. I like the fact you don't stand still, each image is so different to the others.
  • Wow. Great PF. Hope i can reach this level sometime.