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thank you all for comments, they are very encouraging and helpful
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  • Sony A300 not working

    Hello I have a Sony a300 and For some odd reason it has shut off on me and has not turned on. Iíve changed the battery packs left it alone change SD cards but it does not...
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  • b+w photographs

    (.......But using it forces a photographer to think in terms of tone and texture rather than colour:) thank you hobo, (mono also invokes an emotional reaction from ...
    by zapar40 | Last Post | Unread
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  • Posted on ChristineD's profile

    your presentation skill of these beautiful flowers are superb, its always a pleasure to view your latest images.
    • 18 Apr 2012 7:01PM
  • Posted on JustDucky's profile

    lots of amazing photos, and a p/f full of lovely colours.
    • 17 Oct 2011 9:13PM
  • Posted on BillyGoatGruff's profile

    what a superb pf so glad i stop to have a look. great images all round and i just love seeing my local coast line in such great work.
    • 30 Mar 2010 12:08AM

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