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Activity : Photo Comments


Thanks for taking a look at my photographs - your views are always appreciated
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  • Provence-en-Hertfordshire by zazzycat

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments - they are always much appreciated and do my self-esteem no end of good! I have not been on eP for a while as I am knee-deep in moving home - but will be back anon!
    • 17 Aug 2013 3:17PM
  • Passiflora Constance Elliott by zazzycat

    Thank you all so much for your encouraging comments - they are all greatly appreciated. I am frantically house-hunting so don't have time to breathe, let alone come back on EP - bear with me!
    • 25 Jul 2013 2:59PM
  • The Perfect Bud by zazzycat

    Thank you all so much for your appreciation! I am frantically house-hunting so have not had any time to breathe, let alone come back on EP - bear with me!
    • 25 Jul 2013 2:56PM
  • Ouse Valley by Emu72

    Yes, the luminosity certainly does give this image a real glow! A lovely, perfectly captured image of Autumn at its best!
    • 1 Mar 2013 9:25PM
  • Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon by Emu72

    I just love this image! It looks as if it really is from another world! Great mood!
    • 1 Mar 2013 9:22PM
  • New Dawn by aliciabeesley

    Lovely pastels, creating a beautiful mood in this image. I particularly like the painterly treatment you have given. An image much after my own kind! The more I look at it, I think you do not need the bottom third, Alicia - try taking it off at the first dark line and see what you think.
    • 28 Feb 2013 9:34PM
  • Pastel Mammoth by rontear

    This image knocked my sockes off, Ron! Such delicacy!
    • 25 Feb 2013 9:25PM
  • elgol by carson-images

    Lovely, evocative image! The slow capture gives the feel of the foreground rocks floating on clouds and the blue tones add to the feeling of an "otherworld"! Beautifully captured!
    • 25 Feb 2013 9:13PM
  • Pot and Feather by Val Prowse

    A beautiful minimalist, simplistic and dramatic image, Val - and the sepia tones fit the mood exactly!
    • 19 Feb 2013 9:04PM
  • Light on the Tetons by rontear

    I'm going to run out of superlatives! What wonderful dawn light just slicing across the mountain face! Have you thought about making it more letter box, Ron?
    • 16 Feb 2013 8:17PM
  • All things Bright and Beautifull by posty57

    I absolutely love the delicate simplicity of this Barry - a treatment much after my own heart and quite beautiful!
    • 16 Feb 2013 8:11PM
  • Grey Wolf by rontear

    Beautiful face, majestic animal - and what an evocative image, Ron!
    • 15 Feb 2013 10:27PM
  • The maid in the Mist by tamarisk

    And welcome on board from me! This is an excellent composition for a novice - nice and sharp in the front and good detail throughout. I'd try cropping the sky down a bit. And thanks for your kind comment on my latest offering!
    • 13 Feb 2013 2:49PM
  • Look into The Past by sooty 36

    I was drawn to click on this image - but, eek! I don't know what half of the techniques you mention are! Despite my ignorance, you have achieved a lovely, olde-worlde "watercolour" compositional look and feel to the picture that is very pleasing to look at and quite romantic!
    • 12 Feb 2013 8:46PM
  • Bells by AJG

    I like the clean, clear colours of this image, although the diagonal roof rather distracts the eye - you might try toning back the colours in the woodwork (particularly the dark black at the top) to lessen its impact. Well seen!
    • 12 Feb 2013 8:41PM
  • Clouds over the Valleys by Meheecho

    I just came across this image of yours and it reminded me of the wonderful views I saw many years ago of The Dolomites in Italy. A wonderfully evocative landscape image - and I have to say I disagree with comments above about the haze over the distant mountains - for me, it adds depth and interest to the image! I think you have a great eye for a dramatic landscape - keep up the good work!
    • 12 Feb 2013 10:44AM
  • Yellowstoe Oak by rontear

    Funny, it caught my eye and I said, I know someone who has just come back from there! Beautiful image, stark and commanding in its simplicity! Hope you didn't get frostbite - and welcome home!
    • 11 Feb 2013 9:13PM
  • Late For Work by PaulaLey

    Lovely winter early morning light and colours, Paula - I used to always be late for work as I couldn't resist taking shots like these!
    • 11 Feb 2013 9:07PM
  • Tarlřysa by keito

    Wonderfully atmospheric and dramatic image, Keito!
    • 8 Feb 2013 9:08PM
  • Chilli by AJG

    Love the vivid colour in this image, and the diagonal shot is well thought out: however, I wonder if you have any more of the same as you could have done with including the whole of the chillis in the bottom row! I was surprised to read it was Italy - I was expecting Spain or Mexico!
    • 4 Feb 2013 9:00PM
  • Through the Panoptican by WAKO

    I did something similar a while back - nice to know great minds... and all that! I think your image shows an unusual and added dimension to the landscape - very well thought of!
    • 4 Feb 2013 8:54PM
  • Lisi again by ChristineD

    Beautiful delicate work, Christine - I love the tracery background which emphasises the delicate pastels of the flowers.
    • 1 Feb 2013 9:18PM
  • Cycling the Embankment,yellow jacket (closer) 3 by maggietear

    I like this one better - you lightened it a bit and the yellow jacket gives a v good point of eye contact!
    • 23 Jan 2013 3:27PM
  • Red in London snow by maggietear

    The splash of red really brings the scene to life - and is enhanced by the matching flash of red on the (?) bollard by the railings on the right! Nice snowy scene!
    • 18 Jan 2013 12:12PM
  • is that a tree by christinecilia

    That's an amazing shot to have captured! I love the clear, warm light.
    • 14 Jan 2013 7:54PM
  • Lady Wilmott's Ghost III by AnnChown

    Still like the very first one best of all, although the starkness of this is outstanding!
    • 14 Jan 2013 6:38PM
  • Snowy Gade by Leilani

    Another very atmosperic image from The Gade area - I must try and find it! I love the way the colours give it a really old-fashioned, slightly faded, watercolour feel to the image - beautifully captured!
    • 14 Jan 2013 6:36PM
  • Castlerigg at dawn by maggietear

    Terrific atmosphere, Maggie - but why didn't you include the Druid?!! Very dark and brooding - but do you think the stones could have been "lifted" just a tad?
    • 14 Jan 2013 6:32PM
  • blue tit by christinecilia

    Many happy returns, Christine! Pretty as a picture!
    • 13 Jan 2013 8:49PM
  • Loch Ken by myrab

    It's not often that you see these landscape pictures in mono and it suits the mood wonderfully! Lovely lead through and a very evocative image.
    • 13 Jan 2013 2:30PM