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A quick view of zoomsinclean's recent activity.

  • Bad Moon Rising.

    Thanks for comments and votes as always.

    I agree Tania the eyes are too bright, but i'm glad you liked it,for me it was just doing something different.Smile
    • 15 Feb 2015 2:36PM
  • Looking For Voles.

    Thanks for comments & likes, they are always appreciated.

    • 10 Feb 2015 1:10PM
  • Watching The Sunset

    Hi banehowi,

    Thanks for reply, i completely agree with everything you have said and your mod is a vast improvement on my original image.
    I left the image as it was to try and give the impression of the Nuthatch bathed in the rays of what was a near sunset.
    The image is oversaturated, which is an easy trap to fall into and as 'paulbroad' said, Canon settings can do this,i think its best to keep to the faithfull setting for birds and then adjust accordingly.

    Hi paulbroad i see you get the point of the original, i use a tripod and gimbal which allows low shutter speeds in poor light and still be sharp.
    The 400mm lens has no IS so using the tripod/gimble gets incredible results.
    Its one huge learning curve that is wildlife photography,also it's very time consuming to get good images.

    Thanks all for comments they are much appreciated.

    • 4 Jan 2015 7:01PM
  • Roe Deer (wild)

    Thanks for comment Ju , i agree , had a re-crop & the image is an improvement.

    • 14 Jun 2014 11:39AM
  • The Great Big Fat Hairy Monster!......

    Great shots of a beautiful insect.

    • 1 Jul 2013 9:41PM
  • Damselfly

    Beautiful image, sharp and well composed.

    • 1 Jul 2013 9:39PM
  • out of the blue - common kingfisher

    One of the best Kingfisher photographs i have seen.

    • 1 Jul 2013 9:19PM
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  • Just spent some time browsing through your wonderful photographs and found it truly inspiring.I can only imagine the amount of time you have put in to produce such beautiful images.......thank you.
    • Posted on Brian65's profile
    • 28 Jan 2013 6:08PM